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"Ribald Ridgesnappers"

Why would you choose the word “Ribald” for the dragon draft? I get alliteration and all, but it could have been ravaging, ravenous or remarkable. Ribald means dirty and vulgar humor which doesn’t really correspond to the dragon.

Thank you for the feedback! We’ll share this with our writers.

I vaguely recognized the word, as I think one of my favorite artists worked on illustrations for a book (something like ‘The Ribald Reader’ I think), but that was about the extent of my knowledge.

However, looking it up…




adjective: ribald ; comparative adjective: ribalder ; superlative adjective: ribaldest

  1. referring to sexual matters in an amusingly coarse or irreverent way.

Which, I’m sorry, that is just hilarious. It entirely makes sense for the book, but now I’m very much wary of these dragons! :laughing: