Richer get rich, Poorer stays poor

With the tournament results out, people who pays to win are the ones who received the rewards: whole chunk of hard cash, Dna and coins.
People who didn’t spend a penny, worked so hard to reach at least 3500 trophies were subjected to loss all the time by the pay-to-win people(basically with higher trophy people were subjected to lower their trophy count at the very beginning of the tourney) causing mass-chaotic situation for them.

It was very sad for this so-called-poor people. They didn’t get anything out of this tourney except the frustration over and over again by seeing all Indoraptors, over leveled Stegogods and other legendaries.

Thank you Ludia for all of it. Hope the next tourney starts pretty soon. Get ready to loose a great share of player base by making all chaos again, just for nothing.

That’s life. You can’t expect rewards for doing the bare minimum. If people want to pay to support the game, there’s nothing wrong with that. They deserve to win. We only have constant updates and new features because of people who pay. Not because of the free players who complain about how everything is unfair.


With recent rewards, people who play by spending their fortunes were the ones who received them.

Use case: People who already above 4500 were shorted to around 3500s at the start of tourney. This 3000-3500 trophy level is the place where we find many people who are trying to climb up the arena without spending a penny. Now that higher leveled people in the same range, it would be nightmare to win a single match for people without VIP or buying.

Anyways at the end, higher leveled people who got uniques/overleveled legendaries will easily move up the arena by crushing others and end up above the threshold to win the rewards.

Thus people who didn’t spend a penny would end up with literally nothing. And they would bag some losses and go down the arenas. Good game mechanics tho.

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I have VIP and have been stuck in Sorna for a couple of months now. VIP doesn’t actually get you a higher level team unless you are willing to go out and get the DNA. The extended range and darts are nice, but once again only apply when you are hunting. I’ll admit I don’t get to do that as much as I would like, but that is why I am where I am with my team. I’m not getting any extra incubators or DNA just from being a VIP. I have never bought an incubator, but I hear the DNA is often mediocre at best.

Yes, some people spend lots of $$$ on the game. You can buy incubators and you can buy scents to attract dinos, but the base of the game is getting out an hunting. So the people at the top have to be doing at least some of that to get their teams to where they are. You will always have those people who pay ridiculous amounts of money to get what they want, but I really don’t think all of the top 500 people were in that situation. I think a lot of them just have a lot of time to go out and hunt dinos.


Well, people does the same for leveling up: Hunting. I do hunting at least 4-5 hours a day. And some time here and there when I get a break at work.

All I am saying is, why every one doesn’t get something/reward? At least people who are above 3000. It’s not fair to get higher range players to 3500(I am not completely sure what range they are down), and fight with lower level people and not get any reward for lower levelers.
And I am sure, going above 4250 is very very hard considering all the over leveled legendaries and uniques right at starting around 3700s.

If you continue to play, you will eventually max your dinos.

Every game is the same, you either invest real money or spend loads of time. I see nothing wrong with the rewards although I am f2p expect VIP.

But… but… but… No reward/what-so-ever for players like us? Who are dead below 4000 just because of higher players coming down to play with us? That’s fair? I mean, at least some coins? Jesus!!

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I don’t think so, if you continue to play for a year or two, you will have the dinos close to max, and then you will be able to compete with others.

Maybe you would argue by the they would increase dino cap, but it’s very unlikely if you see previous ludia dino games, all dinos are capped at original level forever even though some people spent loads of money. Even they are going to open level caps, it will come very, very slowly and you will have time to catch up if you hunt continuously.

Basically, the people who invest money can max their dino in three month and you will have to play for three years, but at least you have the opportunity to do so even being f2p, so I’m happy with it.

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I think a lot of players have lost interest not only in the tournements, but in the arena in general. I see more and more players, (some even last tourney champs) who only fight when they have an empty slot now.

Ludia has basicaly reduced combat to 50% luck, 30% dino level and 20% choice.

I had a TON of fun in the lower level arenas back when I was new, like 8 months ago or whatever. Now its just RNG this and RNG that, with a side of RNG.

We also have to face the same 6 - 8 dinos over and over and over again, so the arena itself is growing stagnant.


Do you all think that the rewards from the tournament actually make a difference to the high level players??? Looking at what everyone got, it definitely isn’t a game changer. Also, the really high level players have probably spent a lot more bucks than that.

imagine pro sports if the worst players got paid the most. and the worst teams got to charge to the most for tickets/merchandise :thinking:

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I was actually thinking about this the other day and how at the end of the season lower teams get first pick in the draft to try and make their team better. I don’t know how something like that would be possible in a game like JWA, but it would be kinda cool.

We usually have a post like this every so often. For the vast vast vast majority… the rewards are barely exciting. Unless you are the top 3 players, it’s a rather meager payout. The 100k coins is not enough to level my Dino’s… and the 2600 bucks is only 20$. Right now tournament down time and tournament uptime is cumulative of about 2 months… so if you turn that straight into coins… 5 x 25k… 125 + 100 = 225k coins. In two months of playing, you get the possibility of 21k coins a day x 60 days or 1.2 million. This is from spins alone.

Personally I’d like them to do rare incubators as rewards farther down… but it is for the selfish reason of my fiancé has grown tired of the game since it just feels like an uphill battle. I myself got a decent reward (112 this season) but I’ll be honest… getting my reward this morning was more “oh look…neat” rather than “sweet!!! No holds bar spending spree!!!”

For what the higher players invest, it’s a fair reward for the vast majority of the leader boards.

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And here is exactly where the points you were making devolved into something a little selfish, because don’t you think the people below your trophy count deserve prizes too? I agree with the person who said there should be rare incubators for everyone, but I have to point out your specific hypocrisy by saying “at least people who are above 3000” because by doing that you’re doing exactly what YOU dislike to players lower than yourself.

Additionally, no one at 3500 was playing with anyone who should be ranked higher this time around. Everyone above 4000 trophies was lowered TO 4000 trophies (depending on how many more than 4000 they had starting off) and given that you play people within 200 trophies of yourself either way, the people in the mid 3000s didn’t have to worry.

But that’s all neither here nor there. I finished around 4500 and I don’t pay for more than VIP and the occasional scent, but I don’t have a problem with people who spend big bucks on this game being the ones to reap the biggest rewards continually. Ludia isn’t going to make enough to keep this game going off people who don’t pay, and if anyone at any level gets the same reward as someone who pays thousands to do well in the tournament, why on earth would they keep spending money?


I have been a VIP player for 3 months. I work hard for my team and I like to play in the arena just for fun. I am not rich. I do have the opportunity to play for hours a day just because my work lets me travel as a passenger. I just want to be good enough to face the top 50 players. I Opened my reward today and was like meh. I am usually only excited for coins. I love being out hunting too. Almost every night a friend and I go out hunting and hit all zones at least twice for only an hour. I refuse to have all my hard work and dedication belittled by someone saying that only p2w players are in the top 500.


It always devolves to selfishness, that’s why I admitted it in my post.

The same logic here can be applied to the master epic strike missions (ones with multiple level 30 creatures). They are hard, and only the already strong benefit from them… but I don’t think their difficulties should be lowered bc not everyone can beat it. It can be applied to epic scents… rich buy scents and get more important dna.

As you said, people who spend should get rewarded bc then they spend more. If there wasn’t an incentive to paying… it would have to be a non freemium game to generate initial income… or if the so called rich were forced to donate… it would be a voluntary comply “charity”

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I think they shouldn’t increase the minimum tropheys needed to score rewards. They are taking away the incentive to play for newcomers

It’s funny how your title reflects real life.

Besides what the others have mentioned, just enjoy the game for what it is, if it’s too much ‘heartache’ then just maybe walk away (trust me, you will feel a sense of relief :wink:). If not, just stick around, have fun… or not.

This game is a business for Ludia and they put it out there to make money. I, too, would like them to reward everyone at every trophy range but I guess the decision lies with them.

Btw, if you think because you didn’t spend anything hence you are stucked, I can assure you (others will agree) that everyone else at their respective range (maybe besides the top 10 or 20) are probably frustrated with their own progress. For me, I have accepted that I will just fluncuate in a certain range until my team of dinos gradually raise up in levels.

I can tell you it’s freaking hard work just to achieve max coin limit everyday! :sweat_smile:

Its a tournament. Its not a participation award party. Why should players with half of my trophies get rewards too? That’s like a slap in the face to the hardcore players who put more time and effort into the game. Why bother trying at all if everyone gets rewards no matter what they do? I think some JWA players have no idea what a tournament is. And if you can’t get back to whatever trophies you were at before the reset, that should tell you that you’re not ready for that spot yet and you have some work to do on your team.


Thank you, I did not know this and thought the rest of us would never be able to catch up. I’m gonna set my goals high! It may take a while (I’m not F2P but not a big spender) but I’m very patient and persistent! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: