Richer get rich, Poorer stays poor

Heres a thought, enjoy the ride. The arena in the early rankings was fun, most dinos were usable and there was variety. Everyone is clambering for more more more now now now and then they reach ruins and its a slog. You think its easy playing the same dinos on your team vs roughly the same dinos on every opponents team? Trust me and dont rush

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like most things in life, you are rewarded for your accomplishments. at that trophy level, you didn’t accomplish anything. i honestly think they give out to many rewards. kinda think they should change it to you have to place top 500 to get anything - and this is with me finishing close, but not in the top 500 this time.

I respectfully disagree, we deserve compensation for having our trophies taken away! Trust me, what those of us at the lowest reward level got is no game changer.

Enough players are alienated by the tournament, I don’t think it’s a good idea to disregard everyone but the very elite (500 out of who knows how many players). JMO of course.

In the real world people who do the bare minimum still get paid something. Even it means more common incubators. The higher peeps can get epic, and legendary incubators respectively. If Ludia truly cared about its players they’ve would’ve thought of that by now. Share all kinds of rewards within the whole player base.

then what’s the point? every month get rewarded just because you installed the game basically? also most tournaments don’t have thousands or millions of people in them. just like you don’t get anything for being 10,000th place in a marathon. you don’t get anything for being 1,000,000th closest to winning the lottery.


I didn’t spend a cent for a game but donated my time watching adds, so I supported the game. I am with a team of legedaries at 18-20 lv. and one unique with 21 lv. Entered JR. That was five months of play and having fun. Why running faster? It is just a game… sooner or later I get to the max levels…