Riders of Zhwin is recruiting! Singapore based clan looking for Riders

Hi, We’re Riders of Zhwin, a small (very small) clan that is looking to expand to somewhere mid-sized. We’re currently still struggling to clear 2 stars and seek to progress even further our ranks.

We’re based in Singapore so we adhere to the timezone of the region.
Overall we’re pretty lax and chill, as long as you contribute as much as you can for the day, we’re all good for it. We accept all power levels.

If you’re interested do find us in game, and we’ll be sure to welcome you!

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Hi,I’m a player from Singapore ,current power is about 4100 but I have 2 5 stars dragon that are low level (currently have a 3 star toothless as well).Wondering if there’s space in the team as I kinda want to quit my clan as they are quite passive.

Hey laqur! Finally a reply after a while. Haha. Yes we’re still looking. Drop in your in game id and I’ll invite you in! Or search for our clan name Riders of Zhwin. That works too.

Currently we can to take down four stars easily. With your help we might be able to tackle down a 5 star alpha too!

Hi there! Do you have anymore slots for 2 players?

Oh hey, yes! We are still looking for more players. Drop your ids so I can add you two, or find us at Riders of Zhwin clan name, either way works. Haha. Looking forward to adding you all!

Thank you! Already sent in our requests.

Hi there. Would you be keen to discuss a merge? SG guild here as well.

Hi, sorry we’re not looking for any merging of any kind for our clan. Thanks for the offer though!