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Ridgesnapper quest reset

I completed up the tenth mission for the new ridgesnapper quest. I haven’t bred one yet so I couldn’t progress any further. This was at about 1:00 PM eastern time today. I come back to play at 9:30 PM today to find that the quest has reset back to the first mission. Has anyone else had this happen to them as well?


This happened to everyone, though I personally came in after the fact. You should have 30 energy (or 50? I could have sworn it was 30) as compensation in your terror-mail.

Official Announcement is here :point_down:


Oooooh okay. Now it makes sense why I got that energy…thanks for clearing that up


No problem!

Yeah, I hadn’t even started the quest, nor noticed it had been pulled, so when I got the energy I was kind of confused too :smile: It seemed oddly specific.

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It was 50, the post you’re referring to says so as well. At the time I received it I had been surprised to say the least. Hadn’t checked the forums either, though a clanmate had. :stuck_out_tongue:

Had done 9/20 before the reset, only the costly level left. Energy gift helped do all the try-out levels part in an instant, though the rest was up to breedery. Higher chances or not, I got no Ridgesnipper so… Rest of the Homecoming was a no for me. Thus, looking back I think there was no real reason to give us energy to speed things up, especially so 'cause we were allowed to keep the earlier rewards - and why wouldn’t we, it wasn’t a bug that caused the reset; it was done on purpose.

Still nice gift though.

Oh, I know that’s what it states. I just could have sworn I remembered receiving something different. But honestly that could very well be just poor memory on my part :sweat_smile:

Yeah, the change in breeding odds was…something. I did get the feeling that hybrid odds were increased, since I did, personally, see somewhat of a boost in their appearance. But at the same time I also got the very distinct feeling that in order to ‘even it out’ the odds of higher tier dragons had been lowered. I’ve never had much luck with breeding to begin with, but this go-round was especially horrendous.

Personally, I don’t think the reset was done on purpose. I think it was just another one of their mistakes/glitches to throw in the already hefty pot. It seems to be part and parcel these days.

I, as well, was unable to get through the rest of the Homecoming, but to be fair, that was for lack of trying after a certain point. The odds were terrible and, like the rest of the game these days, there just wasn’t enough of an incentive of payoff for me to continue trying. I’ll eventually get the 4* through other means, just as I did Hailfate.

It’s a shame, though. With so many of these changes they really have sucked so much of the fun out of the game. There’s hardly any feeling of drive or accomplishment when everything is made to be a chore.

I see… Ehm, I think it was a case of “we just weren’t lucky”, though really, they need to explain what “higher chance for crossbreeds” really ment and how it worked, or didn’t. For me it didn’t, and I tried to the last moment. Didn’t at least get a 2-star. For others, they were lucky and could even get the higher specimens (they posted on Facebook, that’s how I know).

That said, I sort of agree with you - on most things being a chore. Spent my morning doing repeatables, aka most boring activity in game. But I needed both to get supplies and fulfill duties, so here we are!

Also, while some bugs have been dealt with, there’s still a batch of others running rampant. For instance, take a look at the Foreverbugged.

I was able to get the 3* my first go. Tried only a few times after that and then just kind of shrugged it off, so I’m not really able to say how well it might have been on my end should I have been more ardent in my efforts for another Ridgesnipper. I was more interested in taking advantage of the ‘Hybrid Carousel’ for some desperately needed dupes that I just got absolutely nowhere with :cry:

Oh man though, don’t get me started on the Foreverwing! I keep getting cornered and only able to do one hit at a time, which, of course, doesn’t even touch him nor does it allow for a board reset. Eats up both my turns and my patience, haha~

You can still train that hybrid; got nice damage buff if I recall correctly. I got no hybrid at all.

Didn’t try again either. Yet.