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Ridgesnipper Homecoming Quest

Hello, I noticed that when this quest was reset it haven’t fix the problem of not winning any Ridgesnipper dragons along the way.

Normally in these type of quest, we win 2* & 3* dragons so that we can continue with the other half of the quest.

Now I’m at the second half and without a Ridgesnipper dragon.
Please could you tell me how I could get one without having to use my runes?

This is due to being a hybrid. Last hybrid homecoming didn’t give any either

As the dragon is a hybrid, you are, unfortunately, forced to breed your own and hope for the best.

In the earlier stages of ‘Ridgesnipper Homecoming’ I believe you should have received the dragons, albeit low star variants, that would allow you to breed for the hybrid if you had none of your own already.


Ok thank you, will try breeding and hope for the best.
Thank you for letting me know what to do now :blush:

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Not a problem~ Good luck! :+1: