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Ridgesnipper quest pulled

Any info on why or when it will return?

It is already back, but they reset it.

I Was at stage 15 and now have to start back from stage 1 uggh :frowning:

I’d like to get energy compensation. You have randomly pulled the quests/draft out without warning and put it back in and now everyone has to restart. Anyone who got the free premium token and 4* Ridgesnipper can get it again. How is this fair? I only managed to make it halfway and used up all my energy. Now back to the start…


Yes, it is back. But the reward is still showing a Snafflefang and a Razorwhip. I hope they will fix it properly because I would like to get the new Ridgesnipper.

The ridgesnipper is a hybrid so they’ll only give you the parents and you’ll need to breed for one yourself.


Thanks for the info Zhyan. What was the problem, why did the reset the quest?


I second this. Unplanned my energy around the event and now I have to redo from the beginning w/o my pile of energy. Also, allowing those who were able to breed quickly a 2nd chance to get the best/final reward stings a little, but not sure what you could do since it had to be pulled for whatever reason

I think that for them restarting the quest is the only or probably the easiest way to extend the quests duration.

Vikings, we will give everyone 30 energy as compensation. :rofl:

@ned,@marcus,what might be the expalanation about the reset of the ridegsnipper quest? We have been slowed down,we want a compensation of energy, that’s not fair.


Hey Vikings,

All the details here.


Are you working for Ludia now? This is the second comment in which you address everyone here as “Vikings” - and you also said “we”. I thought first time to be a joke but… I doubt the second is.

What do you think?

You’re probably not but… lately you’re behaving as if you are, and I can’t be sure it’s all sarcasm there. Only person who knows for sure is you, so…

I was just helping mods that’s all.

Alright then :slight_smile: