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Ridiculous evolving indicator

This indicator that I can evolve an Indominus Rex to an Indoraptor is ridiculous. It tells me that i have an Indominus Rex at lvl 40 which I can evolve with 4000 SDNA to an Indoraptor.
But this is something you only do once! Nobody who has ever evolved an Indoraptor would use this feature again.
Sacrificing an Indominus Rex and 4000 SDNA for something I can get for 2000 SDNA?!?
It is more than confusing to see this indicator all the time…and I think it’s new.


It’s been there, at least for the other superhybrids


I now think it appeared yesterday after I bought tons of Velociraptor SDNA in this incredible offer. Because I now have more than 4,000 SDNA the AI tells me I can evolve another Indoraptor with my Indominus Rex. Nevertheless it confuses me.

@Andy_wan_kenobi and I have both complained about the ever-hanging fusing tags for a while. While I really like the “ready-to-evolve” and “ready to feed” flags, I dislike the “ready-to-fuse” tags after I’ve made the hybrid. I wish you could turn off just the ready-to-fuse flags, but in the settings, you can only turn on or off all flags. First world problems.


Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the one for a s-hybrid, but my park is FULL of the ones for the regular hybrids, and it’s really annoying. Being able to turn off specific flags would be really nice.

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If you let your s-DNA get high enough to fuse one and have the level 40, they’re there

I guess I have seen it, but only for such a short time it hasn’t really registered in the way that the ones hanging in the park all the time do.

I unlocked Diplosuchus and Monostegatops about the same time and had quite the s-DNA backlog for both of them, so i got to watch the game try to sucker me in to making more the long/expensive way for a while

Speaking of flags again I would like to remind Ludia again that there still are no useful flags available to see what is ready to be evolved in the aquatics and cenezoics biodomes. The only thing I see is that I have more than one creature which is the least useful information.
I think it is very easy for Ludia to add additional filters in the creatures overview building for creatures ready to be fed, evolved or merged to a hybrid.