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Ridiculously Constant Nerfs and Buffs

Ludia just had a major 2.0 update so players boosted their dinos based on that. Why make SIGNIFICANT nerfs and buffs again ??? Fine tuning the game is standard but seriously, if Ludia keeps on changing the game too often and this much, then BOOSTS should be 100% fully refundable as well !!!


I mean, 2.0 changed a lot, it makes sense they wouldn’t get everything right. I do entirely agree that there should be a way to 100% refund boosts.


You didn’t notice there was about 10 threads about boosts already since 2.0 came out?

They do it all the time :weary:

Nothing wrong with someone making another if they so wish …

Some people don’t spend alot of time on the forums to go through every post

They make them because the game is constantly evolving with new creatures and new abilities. Even how players use them requires constant tweaking to prevent certain overpowered creatures dominating, for example.

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There’s still a lot for them to do, too. And I’m not even talking about subjective things like addressing the strength of resilient attacks. I’m talking about mechanics that are just outright broken, like how critical chance reduction is calculated.


It’s how they profit.
Make ridiculously OP creatures.
Players dump resources ($$$) into that creature.
Nerf that creature, don’t reset boosts.
Create new OP creature.
Rinse, repeat.