Rielaboration#2: Utarinex *updated with the new accelerations moves*


  • 3750
  • 3650
  • 3850

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  • 1550
  • 1600
  • 1650

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Rinex in description use difensive abylity of sino and draco.

  • 0%
  • 15%
  • 20%

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  • 126
  • 125
  • 127

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Rinex must have:

  • Speedup
  • Decel

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Note:If you vote speedup, decel become speedup

First move:

  • Decelereting strike
  • Superiority strike
  • Shlielded decelerating strike

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Second move remain rampage and run.

Third move:

  • Distraction shield
  • Distracting impact

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Fourth move remain instant charge

Immunity(SW=swap prevention):

  • Sw
  • Sw and distraction
  • Sw and stun

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  • Swap in head butt
  • Nothing
  • Swap in stun

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The survey is ended. What do you think it?

Rinex should have Definite Strike (from Draco’s SiDS) and Swap In Headbutt. He should have no partials tho


I don’t want a cancer rinex

Why can’t we vote for no Immunity?

Swap in Definite Headbutt, maybe. Or Swap-in Precise Headbutt.


Cancer? No. He still wouldn’t stand a chance against most tyrants, but maybe he’d be at least high apex again

90% of community(including me) hate swap damage move (like old draco and ceratopsian, but the ceratopsians have 1000/900 damage)

A 775 damage Swap in move would be fine, believe me

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90% of community hates Swap in DSR or Swap in Rampage, not Swap in Stunning Strike or Headbutt

Actually, I’m pretty sure people hate SI-Stunning Strike by now too lol.

Swap in head butt is good, 750 damage are good, but i don’want 1550 damage, i would hate this

With 1550 base attack, Swap-in Headbutt would do 775 damage. I think Precise or Definite would work.

Added speedup/decel survey