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Rigged battle

This stupid thing must be rigged to screw people who don’t buy their crap. How can it be random that I consistently get outmatched over and over and over with my crappy lev 9 and 10 characters going up against lev 11 and even lev 12 characters. If it doesn’t change I will delete the game and find some other way to pass time.

You are correct about matchmaking being rigged but wrong about being in favour of paying players.

At higher arena levels, i.e. 6 and 7, you’ll predominantly be matched against bots. The player base population is too low for there always to be a player matched against you.

You can recognize bots by their [adjective][noun] battle name. They are fairly predictable in behaviour, hit hard but go down easy as well.

Bots were programmed in by the developers for the benefit of the players, so that we always can fight in arena. Once you hit equilibrium, you’ll win about 66% of the time vs bots.

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Yeah the game has a suspicious number of times where you have your worst 3 or 4 characters as opposed to your best 3 or 4 characters being selected. The other issue is if you are near the cutoff to the next level you’re getting stuck fighting people who themselves just got screwed over in matchups three or four times in a row, drop to a lower level, and now have easy pickings since you really only need to get one of your best characters on a team to unbalance things after the drop.

Can anyone tell me why characters are getting skipped in PvP if they are dominated, no attack, or no move? Just watched one advance his counter to the next round without getting a turn, and I was watching because we already did a full turn without him getting to do anything,

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Take it as a compliment that you are fighting higher level characters. That means you have made a higher ranking than people or bots with the same level as you. If you keep losing to the higher levels you will eventually get knocked down to the guys that are the same level as you

I haven’t seen a dominated player be skipped but I would prefer if they were. That would mean they aren’t attacking me

That should have said not dominated. I have seen dominated characters just run forward and not attack once or twice.

The skipping just happened again while I was watching. Counterattack doesn’t do much good if the character has been hammered for two rounds before they get to make their first move. Seems to always be Halbanet or Saarvin. Saarvin I have observed twice now. I feel like it has also been happening with Halbanet (similarly regeneration doesn’t do much if the guy gets killed before he can cast it), but I have not 100% witnessed the turn meter fill up and rollover without a turn like I have with Saarvin.

You are exactly right about that. Then once I get my butt kicked several times in a row I feel bad about facing some poor player who has lower players than me. It is cyclical for sure.

Omg… so I had my cleric dominated and he gave Death Ward to the enemy… is that legit D&D rules? I know this isnt a legit D&D game, but I have to ask… otherwise lol

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That is weird and I have never seen it. I also don’t know other D&D rules, but it would sort of make sense. The death ward is random so while dominated, in theory, if it still went to your team it could go to the guy you just hit. That really wouldn’t make a lot of sense. It sucks it would go to the other time, but if you picture him as having his mind dominated and helping the other team, why wouldn’t he want it going that way?

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Think of it like this. Your tactics are so good you have earned the right to battle these higher level opponents. I have had my share of both fighting lower level opponents (it always feels like a cheap victory) and have had my butt thoroughly whupped by higher level opponents too. It goes back and forth.

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Here’s a fun one… so if it makes sense that the person dominating the hero gets the buff, well, this time the person dominated my fighter, and when my fighter attacked my team he gave my team the AC boost.

So why does it make sense to give one bonus to enemy team and then give this one to friendly team… something’s not right. Needs to be consistent.

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Just remember… no matter how weird or screwed up some of the mechanics are… at least when playing against real players, both sides have to deal with it.

I suspect that, even if you don’t always register it, all those bad things that happen to you also happen to the other guy and you win because of them as well.

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He will give the AC boost to your team if it’s his last turn the Domination spell affects him. If there’s an additional turn, it gets given to the opposing team. Same with other buffs like Halbenet’s life ward. Not the same with counter attack targets on legendary weapon proc.

I suspect it’s because the Domination wearing off happens after the attack but before the bonus of the weapon is granted, and that counter attack is calculated before the Domination spell wearing off, like perhaps in the same attack resolution phase.

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