Rigged battles

I was about to win, dracocreatops was about to die so I used instant disract with proceratith and then dracocreatops lands a crit and kills me by 9 health. Would have got to arena 7

Are casinos rigged? :money_mouth_face:


I’ve haven’t kept my excel up to date recently but when I ran all my game data in it showed crit hits were nearly 3 times more likely against “nearly dead” or “final hit” dino. 5% crit chance was about right, I think it was 5.3 or something. But that 5% would more often than not land on a decisive blow. Fixed? In built clutch effect?

But consider the number of times the crit lands on something with only 12hp and you go on to lose…“if only that crit landed now…”

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