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Rigged fights/Loser pool

Why is ludia rigging the fights? It’s so obvious. How can I end up with this an enemy 300 trophies above me?

And this is me:

So the Game doesn’t compare trophies, it doesn’t compare Dino level, it doesn’t compare strength and it doesn’t compare speed. I can’t beat any of this categories. All his dinos where more boosted then my.

It’s obvious that ludia chooses enemy’s you can’t beat. But why they are doing this? This is not fair, it’s not fun, it’s just dumb. I’ll not buy anything because of obvious made up fights.


Now this is just a theory that I have heard from my own alliance and it is that maybe it is based off your highest leveled dino. Like for instance you have a level 30 Thor, so Ludia in all their otherworldly wisdom pits you against a level 30 team. I get the same treatment and my highest dino is a level 25 Thor. Again this is just a theory

Done 3 fights now. And every fight I had this combination:

It’s so obvious rigged. They couldn’t be a weaker combination out of my 8.

This happens all the time. 100% rigged.

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The RNG sucks in general. I always get the weaker and unboosted portion of my team and very rarely my heavy hitters. I feel your pain and I am in the abyss called Aviary.


About 6 months ago I began wondering if the matchmaking pits you against unfair teams as a way to make you think your team is too weak and thus need to spend to improve it.

Unfortunately I have no access to the algorithm code so cant confirm nor deny, but it would be profitable.


I don’t get Ludias strategy… I mean they don’t even try to hide the rigging or anything. The last thing I’ll do is to buy anything. I’ll think about uninstalling.

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It could be a ploy to push more F2P players to spend actual money on boosts at ungodly prices


Honestly i havent spent a dime on this game in 6 months… first match i had my indo dodged and crit every single turn… after two kills my opponent finally killed it… and my thor crit 3 times in a row. Ive always suspected there rng algorithm isnt very well coded like alot of this game.

The match making issue is an easier one to explain… tournament is where alot of people are playing atm… so there are less people playing ladder. This game doesnt have enough players past 5k trophies to do a tournament and have any kind of good match making experiences.


Oh come on, put the tinfoil hat away. Nothing is rigged. Matchmaking just sucks.


matchmaking sucks and the dwindling player base doesn’t really help anything.

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The reason why you’re facing people with creatures much higher than your own is because the top 3 leagues in the game (lockwood library, gyrosphere depot, and Nublar shores) matchmaking is solely based off trophy count whereas aviary and below matchmaking is 50% trophy count and 50% strength, unless they released the new matchmaking which would be 67% trophy count and 33% strength.


Welcome to jwa, sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug…

I have noticed it seems to work on a sliding scale - the longer the count down, the bigger the difference, generally… And sometimes it’s in your favour, sometimes it’s not. I could be wrong on that, but my most balanced matches seem to happen when the match happens in the first 15 seconds.


Yes, it does seem to happen in waves. In the last few days, I could not win a single match. I dropped almost 300 trophies into Aviary. Since then I have worked my way back to 5130.

It does sometimes feel like these streaks go on for a while to incentivize you to boost. Given the ‘whale’ strategy that has been well documented by mobile game makers, I would not put it past them.

HOWEVER, that is all based on anecdotal evidence. Someone would need to do a serious statistical analysis to determine if any of this is real, or just how we feel when we have a bad losing streak.


Occam’s razor principle.

We know:

This game requires a lot of planning, math and statistics to develop.

Ludia has intelligent people.

Ludia is not incompetent based on the above, despite appearances.

Ludia is greedy.


Most likely, this is by design.
RNG is designed to elicit emotional spending.

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Don’t get mad at something you don’t understand.

I’m in low Gyrosphere for the most part, and it’s entirely possible that team you faced is currently 200-300 trophies below their season max. There are lots of teams with mostly level 30s still close to 5500. It’s going to be brutal for awhile until some of the better teams move up and out of the way. This is what happens when Ludia compresses the field with each season reset.

I got up against a team of level 23 Unique’s when my highest on my whole account is 21. They wiped the floor with my team.

I just sucked it up and moved on to the next battle. I’m getting a bit high in trophy’s anyway.

I think something happened to the matchmaker today. I’m getting pitted against a lot of boosted lvl 28s. In high aviary. Some were boosted epics, but others were lvl 26-29 uniques.


High Aviary is dropper paradise. It is where they all hang out to clog the circulation

I almost made a post about this today. I have been in high Aviary for a while, team average is about LV 23. I was put against LV 28-29 today multiple times. That has not happened ever. I have had 25-26’s but never 28-29’s. Still, could just be a lot of droppers. Who knows.

Thinking about dropping all the the way to 60, crush new players until there are none, then maybe Ludia will fix some of these match making and dropper issues. :slight_smile: