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Rigged fights/Loser pool

There’s a point you can’t drop anymore, unless you ignored some L1’s and they are enough for a team.

It gets hard to drop, but it is good fun.


Ah yes the ever present “voice of reason” :smirk:

You can soundly deny that one or two aspects are rigged very easily. But did you ever realize that this whole game is rigged? :exploding_head: Checkmate

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Yeah I have mostly level 16 dinos and I get paired with level 25

you realize if matchmaking was just +/-20 trophies you’d be waiting 45 minutes for a battle or fight nothing but bots?

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Feel free to present proof.

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Once you get to the point where you would win hands down against the AI, just make sure you have dinos without swap effects, start swapping. It may take a while for each battle, but if you never attack and they never hit you with pinning strikes, you can lose any battle :slight_smile:

I ran out of patience right around that point.

Why I dropped:

I had gone on too many losing streaks, and figured I’d embrace the lose.

“Oh, you think you can bring me down? Hold my drink…I’ll show you a losing streak, Mr. Ludia!”

Honestly, I still believe going on a determined losing streak wasted less time than the ridiculous up/down of the arena RNG matchmaking.

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Yeah, it saves way more time to lose ten and win ten than go up, down, up, down…

Define rigged. What exactly is done to “rig” aspects of the game?
You getting matches with opponents that are too hard to beat? -> Simple, you are too high in the arena, matchmaking gives you an opponent that’s more difficult. This is a matchmaking algorithm, not rigging. I don’t think you understand what the term rigging means.
Fuse RNG rigged? -> More than enough data available that the average fuse is around 22, alternating slightly according to fuse tables.
Stun RNG rigged? -> Nah, enough data tells that the presented percentage is accurate. If you disagree, present data.
Dodge RNG rigged? -> No. Same. If you disagree, present data.
Crit RNG rigged. No, it isn’t. Why would it be?

What exactly is rigged? Besides that the game is designed to make you spend things, it is absolutely not necessary to annoy people in matches in order to trick them to buy an incubator as revenge. Psychologically I don’t think it works like that, and there are plenty of other ways that are way more straight forward to make people spend. But feel free to prove me wrong with actual facts.

If the game is purely out to sell stuff in the most evil way, as much as possible, there would be things like legendary scents in the store. More incubators. All we see now is overprices boosts and the occasional themed incubator, the reason for its existence being very clear and out there. Ludia does not need to rig matches to increase their profits.

Look, I like you, but you can’t just shout stuff without backing up your claim. Claiming checkmate doesn’t work if there isn’t an actual chess board with pieces.


Rigged or broken, whatever you want to call it, it’s just semantics. At the end of the day, it has the same effect.

I’m not sure we could find many that would say matchmaking is working as intended throughout all levels of the game. There are those that will claim it’s intentional, and those that will claim there is absolutely nothing wrong with the system.

Most of us agree, matchmaking has severe issues at different levels of the game. What you call it depends on your own personal perspective.

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What is: “Phone app games are only produced to profit off of microtransactions.”
King me.

The in-game shop is the board, and we are all getting played. :man_shrugging:

I asked for proof, not an unrelated sentence which isn’t even proof.

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RNG for team draw is going in vawes. So you get best and worst possible combination few times in a row. Worst is when you have your worst team and opponent perfect counters for your team.

For the past few months me and some other players are collecting evidence from all over the place. It doesn’t look good for Ludia!
We now are in contact with our lawyers and prepering a collective lawsuit. We want as many people are willing to join as suitors with us or as witnesses to this case. We will make our case in a few days. Just keep in touch.

You should post links to each claim you are making. Otherwise you are basically doing the same thing right?


Poor deflection. It’s entirely related.

You’re still not answering any of his questions, or mine. Memes is not a proper way to communicate.

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Lol you for real? My goodness, what a massive waste of time and effort.
In the worst case, this will only cost Ludia a ton of money, which they can then not spend in development.
Thanks a lot for nothing. Geez. If you don’t like a game, don’t play it.

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