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Rigged! I knew it

always knew this game was massively rigged! And this week proved it. I’ve been stuck in the same trophy count for a year…4200-4400…and it seemed like I could literally not pass that mark. Battles were always against teams that were many levels higher and way stronger…they always got stuns and critical hits. I’ve noticed there seems to be a certain team you need to advance!! So yeah I finally unlocked Magnapyritor unique…making it my 6th unique…and since then I’ve gone up 1000 trophies!! And you know what most funny…he hasn’t even been picked in my fights!!! I’ve been using the same damn team as before. This game ‘does’ have a cap that you can only pass with the amount of uniques you unlock. It makes sure you plateau so that you have to spend months and months scrimping to get that unique. Especially now they have exhausted all the dinos you actually need to create them…not to mention the constant 10dna fuses!! I’ve seen people on here that think this game is legit…sadly your massively wrong! Jurassic world alive is no different from any fruit machine!! Fixed!


Sounds more like a change in mm issue rather than a dino change in your team issue?

Not for me still same crappy matchmaking as before.
Yesterday I upgraded Tenonto. Now I‘m facing lvl 30 teams while my best dino is a lvl 26 Indo.
I lose and lose again facing way stronger opponents and if I get a fair battle I‘m getting crushed by frakking rat.

Really hate this and so frustrating. Every time I upgrade a dino it gets worse. Ludia logic. :woman_shrugging:


Just lost 5 battles in a row. Love this. Leveled Indo and Tenontorex and now thos crap.
What will happen once I upgrade Thor, will I end up facing lvl 30 teams with tier 7-8 boosts???


I haven’t made any changes to my team, and somehow jumped from Sorna Marshes to Jurassic Ruins. I think the 40 trophy bots pushed me higher though.

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Pretty sure they did change matchmaking.

I’ve been at and around low lockwood estates and below for months, was solidly in aviary with weaker team prior to the “new” matchmaking. The more I built my team the further south I went.

I’ve been on a steady climb back up, pretty much only seeing weaker teams. If this keeps up I’ll be back solidly in aviary today.

yes, it’s rigged… but only because of poor decisions on Ludia’s part.

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Today I played 9 lost 7, but most of the win was due to facing overleveled dinos and not rat, so kinda not so bad I guess? Lol

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I’m losing 10x just to get 4 incubator… I don’t mind about losing. The only thing I hate is overpower dc.

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i don’t understand what happened. let me see…


you mean UP??? like… to 5200???

this is the extreme opposite of what we all complain. if this happened, it was EXACTLY what most of us wanted to happen (benefits for upgrading team).

usually, placing a new unique in team increase matchmaker score and you face stronger teams. and we use to DROP trophies, not climb (“up”).

like this:

or this:

and many other topics around…

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That’s proof alright.
If you look hard enough to find something, you will find it everywhere.

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This hate is so misguided. The human brain is hard wired to find patterns where there are none, and as far as we’re concerned there is nothing in the game’s code that points to it being a rarity or dino species based rising system. Your evidence for your claim is purely anecdotal.

There’s a lot to be annoyed about in this game; this is not one of those things.


While I agree that matchmaking and trophy rewarding after battle is still not ideal. I don’t think there are limits like you say there are.

I am currently at 5800-5900 and I only have 4 uniques on my team.


I‘m giving up for today. Tried again and lost 5 battles thx to frakking crappy rat. I really hate that thing. Still refuse it, in my eyes it‘s just a cheap coward move ugh. :rage::rage::rage:
Hopefully it‘ll get better tomorrow.

So ridiculous how Ludia punishes u for actually progressing and upgrading ur team. :joy::joy:


It’s the fact that the moment I added that Dino to my team…even tho he hasn’t been/used or picked in my battles I’ve gone up so dramatically. Your telling me you’ve never played battles that are literally impossible to win!? Because most on here seem to have experienced the same as me. I unlock this Dino and suddenly I’m facing fair teams again…not overpowered…and it’s weird I can beat them when before I’d lose 3-1 every time. So my team has suddenly just become that much better? Even tho the new Dino hasn’t even really been a factor in the battles!? Nah this game is capped…like most games…except other games tend to let you know what you have to reach to advance. Have you played the tournaments? Your first few fights are against lvl 16-20 teams…then 3rd-4tg fight in the teams go up to lvl 30…and are near impossible to pass.

What is this rat Dino I keep hearing?

Tried again and lost another 4 battles. I‘m starting to hate this goddamn game.
Had a battle now I could‘ve won. But now RNG ruined it. My Thor didn‘t crit with 5 hits, his stun didn‘t work for two times, his rat critted and his Indoraptor dodged 3 times.

Just screw this. I‘m so angry, annoyed, frustrated. Starting to drop again right after upgrading my team. I‘ll keep battling for alliance mission, but fun died a long time ago. Rip.


Dracoceratops, the creature many on here blame for their losses, despite the fact there are so many other things wrong with this game, this creature seems to get the blame for everything.

DC has been nerfed, it doesn’t even have shield breaking ability anymore.

If anyone is STILL losing “because” of this creature, you should take a hard look at your team and your tactics. Chances are, after the recent change in matchmaking, you were too high in trophies for where you should have been and are being reset to your natural level. It has nothing to do with the current iteration of DC.


They can’t punish you for upgrading if it’s just one dino, and your team averages out to the right arena.

I’m still hanging on here, and most matches have been pretty close in terms of power/levels.

I guess the bots changed the rankings.