Rigged matchmaking

Have noticed the teams I fight In arena never change always facing counters to my units I tried changing up my team and now I’m facing slightly different teams which also have counters for my newly swapped in Dino surely we are back at only fighting bots again in the arena has any one else noticed this!? If It keeps up might be time to call it on this waste of time and resources!!!

YES, a million times YES! Ever since the tournament started I have been facing teams that perfectly counter mine! I literally went from 4080 rating down to 3500, I kid you not!
Then after finally sinking so low that the next fight was trivial (more or less) I get a win and in traditional Ludia style, I get a 15min incubator…I nearly pelted my phone at the wall!

Seriously, they need to remove 15min incubator from the game, or make it so that you can’t get one after a huge 10-15 game losing streak!
There is zero legitimate reason to infuriate one of your loyal customers like that!

I for one definitely do not feel that way about my arena matchups. Maybe you both need to change how you play some? Or its time to do some serious dino hunting to make your teams stronger/more diversified.

Stiffeno, you think you’re the only one who lost hundreds of trophies when the new tourny started? I promise you that you aren’t. Pretty much everyone did at the start of the tourny who wasn’t a top tier player with crazy teams. I lost about 400 or so trophies myself.

I completely disagree with removing the 15 min incubators from the arena rewards. They are quick and easy to open, and are basically free instant DNA for watching a short ad. They also go in regular rotation. The fact you got one after getting your win in after that losing streak was just where you happened to be on the rotation. You can make sure yourself when the next tourny starts that doesn’t happen to you…it has nothing to do with the game forcing it on you. IIRC the rotation is 3hr, 15m, 3hr, 3hr, 8hr, repeat, with 12 and 24hr incubators every so many cycles instead of the 8hr.


Ok I see where you are going with the incubator rotation thing, but like losing so much (when I just wanted one) and spending a long time to finally get a win, only to get a 15min…I literally felt exhausted after it, then I went on to lose a few more before finally getting a win, sadly just a 3 hour.

It was late at night so I really wanted at least an 8 hour so I could just set it and go to bed =/. I will try and learn to pattern now so I can know when the good rewards are coming.

Thanks for the info :wink:

Oh, can definitely see where it would be frustrating as heck if you weren’t sure in the rotation you were, or thought you were on another! And that’s understandable…I’ve been there too, wanting to go to bed and not getting that win to have one while sleeping…lol. :slight_smile:

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One thing to note on the battle incubator rotation is that it applies to the actual incubators you receive - if you battle when there isn’t a free slot you aren’t throwing away the next in sequence - thanks to @SaraCuriosa and her spreadsheet for proving this :slight_smile:


Thats actually awesome to know, its means that if you say were due for a 24h and you battle with no free slots, you don’t miss out on it by having it go onto the next step in the cycle…thats really good :smiley:

Here’s the full explanation of the mechanics:

Think I’m due a 12 hour soon :slight_smile:

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Yes, Ludia picked out both of you from the crowd and is setting you up for losses just for the lulz. They give your opponents best counters to your dinos, show them what dinos you have AND what move you’ve selected. Tis a pleasure fighting against you and a few other ones and knowing everything.


It would not surprise me if they are using bots. They have to because of the trophy theft at the beginning of season 2. They yanked roughly 500 a player from the top 500 people. That’s 250k trophies. With such a massive loss of available trophies in the pond, people will be slugging it out over scraps. The solution is to put bots in and let them “acquire” the stolen trophies from the top players. Otherwise there would be a thousand trophies gap seen in more places than just the top.

This is also the source of the problem with reward hand out after season 1. Bots taking up top 500 reward slots. Trying to remove them and slide leader boards around and getting people their proper reward without the bots in there probably caused the meltdown

Only my theories… but I feel they have some metric of truth to them

I’ve noticed once you go on a losing streak of two or more, you get matched with stronger teams.
That’s when it’s time to call it quits for an hour or so and start again, unless you like dropping more than ten matches in a row.
In my opinion and experience, there is something more to this than random matching.

Well least now I know exactly where in the cycle I am…

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If it’s a bot it’s entirely possible for most of what you said to be true.

I’m near 5k trophies and I face bots only like every 20th game because the game can’t find me a real player to battle.

What are y’all, at 6k?

Definitely had a bot yesterday, killed its Rajankylosaurus and it whipped out another one. I’m not really that bothered they’re generally easier to beat not like pre 1.3 when every second battle was a full team of level 30 bots.

It drives me insane…i get to 3750 trophies, carry on to some serious hunting,increase levels of my stegodeus and suchotator and then drop down by 250 points.

I love 15min incubators! Get quick coins and DNA, then activate a 3hrs one afterwards… Just need to always have incubators in every slot and you’ll never be out of them.