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Rigged p2p

Pretty Much rigged system unless you pay for additional stuff you lose. Also if you happen to be winning the game all of the sudden freezes or crashes EVEN though you have full signal.


That’s not a rigged system that’s just ludia not fixing disconnect bugs


It is rigged if you lose matches because you refuse to spend money on the game.

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While I hate that, it’s not rigged. I have won many tournaments without losing a single penny


Have I recently fought you in the arena???

You mean it’s Pay2Win.

Unpopular opinion:
I don’t mind that. I understand that Ludia is at the end of the day a company, and needs to make a profit to justify the continuous investment in the game, which results in new stuff and improvements for all users, including the ones who never spent a dime for this game.
Also, we have Skill Tournaments often enough. And they are fairer than even pre-boosts battles where you could have a more leveled up creature thanks to paying as well. The speed ties are the biggest issue still present, where stronger connection or being closer to the servers can result in an advantage, and in that case it has nothing to do with profit.


No. That’s not called rigging. It’s called ludia incompetence

I am not sure what is your username is it the same as above? Mine is TriSaratops

I understand they are a company and I have spent money on it was well it is just frustrating when I can basically tell oh I have not bought 'boost" so I literally lose every battle for a day .

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It’s not rigged. I have not spent money on the game and I win as much as I lose.
Believe what you want, but it’s just a hunch. Disconnects and bugs are common, they are really not deliberate.

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I don’t think so. It’s possible. I fight my alliancemates from time to time, so it’s possible