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Rigged Tournament packs

Okay I think it’s pretty safe to assume that a lot of people know this but the tournament prize wheel is rigged. Why are there even tournament prize packs in the wheel if you can’t get them? I’ve never gotten a tournament prize pack in ANY tournament and all my mates that play this haven’t either. It’s like the chance of getting one is smaller than winning the lottery and getting struck by lightning. At this point you might as well remove them or actually make it possible to get them even if it’s REALLY SMALL, make it possible but not impossible because the amount of times I’m 1 away or missed by 1 is annoying. So please sort it out Ludia because those tournament prize packs are beginning to be a nuisance :roll_eyes:

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@Jake_Quick I have won the tournament pack in two previous tournaments.


The drops you’re going to get in a wheel I’m pretty sure are also pre-calculated.
So don’t feel sad when you see you’re one away from a tournament pack again.

Yes, they are.

They do happen…very, very rarely. I got one for the Dracorex tournament a while back and now I think I am being paid back by getting nothing but coins on the wheel ever since. :roll_eyes:

If you play long enough eventually it will likely happen.


Even if you land on the tournament pack in the wheel, you still don’t get the unlock so it’s practically useless.
You’re better off getting a Dominator Finish.


The spin wheel is there for pure entertainment and psychological damage. It is intentional that the tournament pack shows just one or two spots away, like you almost won it, so you think maybe if I play one more battle I am sure to win it… This is all a marketing tactic to get you to play just one more battle. The prize is determined before the wheel even shows up it is just there as display. Yes the packs are rare, really rare, but they do happen.


The spin wheel is fake.

You prize is determined when you finish the battle.

Just a way to add more into it beside just giving you the reward outright.

Now, when the spin wheel is first released you could actually time your prizes. Legendary Pack every spin? Not impossible. Very much impossible these days.

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Those were the days. Looking for that perfect time to stop the wheel and hopefully land in that cluster of goodies.

I remember winning a Indominus Rex Gen 2 off the wheel,my cousin sold it off though.

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Yup, you could stop it when you wanted. You could sometime see a pattern and hit packs or cash very often. Back then, packs actually had cash in them!


Before the DBs dried up…:disappointed:

I just think it’s kinda rediculous as you see so many of them yet they’re almost impossible to get. Kinda wish there is only 1 in every wheel instead of like 20. Just feels like an insult ya know

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It draws in folks who like to gamble (I have that tendency). I look at it as a bonus after a winning a battle even if it is coins.:smirk:

Believe me, I get it, but look at it this way: would you still play the tournament even if there wasn’t a prize wheel?


I’ll agree to that


I also feel that Tournament Prizes are heavily rigged and bucks have been reduced from packs. Believe me I was there when the game first came out, every battle stage was an unlock and you could stop the spin wheel yourself.

Now when I returned to actually play properly and focus on this game as a unique one rather than a side-game in the whole list of other games in which I didn’t even make good progress, the game changed for both the better and the worse. The spin wheel rigging falls under the worse changes. Then again, I’m fully in favour of @Schmoo’s statement. Even if not the spin wheel, I’ll make it a point to not rely on secondary prize sources (spin wheels, less-than-1% chance cards, etc) and instead focus on unlocking it using a strong Dominator League finish.

Though it would be awesome if spin wheels were changed back to how they were before, and if they kept bucks back how they were originally, I find it equally fun as to how it is now.

I’ve felt like quitting so many times seeing three-fourth the original battle stage creatures locked without events. Yet I still like the challenge of maxing them up, that satisfaction is a whole different level in itself.

@Sionsith pointed it out correctly, the spin wheel is nothing but a kind of mental incentive for the player to do one more round.

In fact, I carried the opinion that spin wheels in JWTG were genuine and got disheartened so many times seeing myself land one spot away from the main prize (before I came to the forum). Even now, sometimes when I land one spot away, I do feel a little sad since that mindset of not-rigged-wheel hasn’t fully vanished. Still, the Dominator Finish is more than enough to get that adrenaline rush.


I use an iPad and I only get like 8-12 ad watches a day before it gets cranky about no ad content.

I use 2 ads for the lottery and I do the speed up ads for the hatchery. Sometimes ads for free PvP (daily requirements).

That doesn’t leave me with any ads for extra spins anymore. :frowning:

So, I just do PvP modded when I have extra coins. Silly ad problems.


The prizes are a joke…I’ve had a 100 DNA once for the tournament…And out of the last ten wins, 9 food, 1 coin…and that’s in Dominator. It just makes you want to do the bare minimum. Tournament s should be exciting…you build up to it all week, but it’s not fun. It’s a grind full of lame prizes. In the last ten or so tournaments I have landed one Legendary pack in well over 300 spins. Mostly I get food or coins. It’s time for a change. Eventually you’re going to annoy people enough that they’re going to cease playing for more than the minimum requirements.


It’s a fun game, but between my son and I we are spending 20 a month on this game. I spend that on Hulu and Netflix…billion dollar companies that deliver tons of content. To continue to get worthless prizes over and over… there’s an issue with the algorithm. Ludia needs to stop being so cheap. We spend a lot of time to get to Dominator leagues, do make it worthwhile. There is no reason to have booby prizes loaded into the top end of players that are pushing the game along monetarily. If it continues I do not see this game lasting more than a few years.


Prizes have been pretty decent for me. Got 1,000 DNA a couple of times. Ludia really need to remove coins/food from ALL spin wheels. Maybe make it park level pased. Level 50+ can’t get it from packs or spin wheels. If they want to, decrease the DNA/DB from it a tiny bit.