Right above 3500!


how many people out there are right above 3500 and just not battling till the tournament starts???

Does everyone with 3500+ qualify?

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Me! :raising_hand_woman:‍♀️ Just filled up my last incubator slot and I’m going to sit still where I’m at. Feeling this is a good spot to stop at, especially since if I lose one, I usually lose like 6 in a row and I may not make it back here by the time of reset.


Opened my last one today. Not going to battle for a while until i learn more about what is going to happen. I dont care about the tournament. Way to hard to reach top 500 for a reward, i just sit on my trohies and will either drop arena or stop playing this aspect of the game.


I passed 3500 the day they announced the scores would be reset. I’m in Arena 8 and can be anywhere between 4000-4300 in a day. I’ve fallen below 4000 a few times after bad losing streaks, but I’m not too afraid of going below 3500 at this point. That would be a bad losing streak and would probably quit before I did too much damage.


Does everyone with 3500+ qualifies for the tournament or is there some limit of participants??
I literally just hit 3500 cap and I don’t know now if I should keep fighting or not to do not risk dropping below until tournament starts…
Any thoughts??


Do you have to have 3500 to be in the tournament or is everyone in the tournament?


Everyone is in the tournament but those who are above 3500 before the reset get a reward (unspecified).

Sitting at 5000. Haven’t battle for two weeks except on the 24hr ban day to refill my incubators. I play for fun; facing 80% spoofers with maxed uniques is not.


Stayed right around 3400-3500. Then went up to over 3700 in a day, the same day as the 24 hour ban hmmm. Next day dropped to 3400 again, big surprise. I clawed my way back to just over 3500 and I’m not battling again!


I was at 37xx, lost a few battles, now just above 3500. Dont want to battle again, but have 3 open slots right now! The internal struggle is real, haha.


I’m at 3595 and not going to battle


Yep, at 3544 since Saturday. Not battling until the tournament starts!


I was going to hold off as I was one loss away from dropping below but gambled, won and then 24 hours later was one win away from Jurassic Ruins :slight_smile: Lost that though and am now at 3870. If I did drop again I wouldn’t gamble this time … it just burns not to have an incubator “cooking”.


Yep me too but it’s probably not the best idea as I’m going to get slaughtered for (a week I dunno how long is this thing going to take?) only the players who reach 4000 get rewarded and I can’t see myself reaching that high. My teams probably good for 3400 - 3700. I was hoping they would have an over 3500 comp and an under 3500 comp. maybe they will but don’t want to announce it to prevent tanking???


What a difference 48 hours makes … from the brink of dropping below 3500 to unlocking Jurassic Ruins :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: