Right focus + team comp q

hey all,

first im from germany and glad to be here.
im fairly new and just wanted to know if im going in the right direction in terms of specific dinosaurs i leveled.
since i started im rotating creatures and it seems i cant find the right comp. ANY help appreciated.



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Welcome to the forums!

Have you tried using creatures with Swap-in abilities? They add much-needed versatility, and are a must on any well-rounded lineup. Your current team is all dinos that are very good head-to-head, but swappers might be just what you need.

Thylacotator is a good one, if you can create it.

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Your team looks good but It seems to be on the frail side. Having a tank is important for ypur team balance and i think adding carbonemys would help your team a lot with that 60% armor.
I’d also suggest not leveling dinos over the level they fuse for hybrids, like Miragaia, that has a hybrid at 15. It may be working right now but in the future you will bench those non hybrid dinos and move on to better ones. So it’s better to save coins and DNA that you could be using for better stuff. Unless you really like one dino, then of course, go ahead and use It.

uhh, thank you both. i used carbonemy really a long time (one of my first epics) and it rocked straight. maybe its time isnt over yet :smiley: and yes i stopped leveling dinosaurs over the fuse level. a few questions to single dinos… is brachiosaurus good? i like his crit. chance but not much use as a tank since no armor or not much. and damn what about these epic flying dinos? they all have really low hp and most of the time they die by one hit (around 1500 hp at lvl. 13). do they become better later on or am i using them wrong? last but not least… purutaurus or purrolyth?
again, thank you. u guys amazing!

if you’re looking for swap ins, edmontoguanodon is a decent dino. the kit is quite versatile. Diplodocus is also a nice one. high hp, swap in slow, and shield advantage is a pretty good combo. and as qwa suggested, thylacotator. versatile kit with decent hp and swap in distraction.
most of the birds are kinda bad. they really don’t do well on their own, but make a couple pretty good uniques all around.

Dont see anything wrong with your team to be honest, looking at your roster Id probably use the same lineup. I was never a big fan of stygi and since you dont really have other swap-in on your team, I feel like he loses some value, but thats very minor.

I dont know what is your marsupial lion situation, but like others have mentionned, Id recommend working on thylacotator, seeing as you have a bunch of extra suchotator laying around, you could be running both on your team.

Otherwise, keep hunting youll get there !