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Right ok


I’m sorry if I sound like a broken record but is anyone else having issues with their cloak/dodge working at all.

This is the 30th battle now (that I’ve counted) where my Indor’s dodge has worked only twice and my Indom’s Cloak has worked twice… out of 30 matches! Bear in mind as well I have just played against someone that brought out their indor and dodged 7 times back to back and every one of this moves was critical… no exaggeration there, literally every move was critical hit.

I’m going to carry on counting how many more matches these effects are NOT working for me at all


In Arena battles cloak/dodge works fine. Against strike towers it fails 100% with every attack and has been this way for just over a week with me.


Sometimes mine works sometimes it doesn’t. It’s been about 50/50 lately.


I can say it’s working fine, because MY OPPONENTS are always dodging…

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