Right on the edge


Anyone have this happen, where dinos are right there, but just outta range even though they’re halfway in?

Guess it’s time to walk the dog… :joy:


Yup. There’s always rare and epic spawns at this place next to my house.


As a non-VIP player, all the dang time. I literally cannot afford it given my current life situation, but the amount of times I’ve been unable to reach something is silly.

I wish supply crates would at least have another 10, maybe 15 metres allowance on swipes, too. Often I’ll be riding passenger and the person driving will be going JUST fast enough that I go to swipe, and by the time it loads in, we’ll be out of range, and there’s a string of them in a row and they’re just perfectly placed apart that I miss all of them.

When grinding commons in the slow areas, all too easy to use up darts since I figure “I may as well get SOME stuff since I’m in range anyway”.


Load the stop before you get to it and start swiping. Thats what I do and works


Yeah? Hmmmmmm. Haven’t been able to get that to work. There are always dinos right on the line for me, but it says they’re over 200M away.


it’s intentional. i can usually look at the map and there will be a circle of dinos around the 200m circle. they wonder why people spoof…


It is a walking app, it is logic that some dinos are in range from our house but also other dinos a little out of range, just to tempt people to go outside their home.

I see also some rare / epic in range from my house, and common just a little out of range, it is just rng I think. :wink: