Right Time, Bad Place Vice Versa Experience Sharing


Whoever who hunts at night while keeping a day time job. Share your “Right Time, Bad Place” or “Bad Time, Right Place” or vice versa experience and lessons.

As for Me, here’s my bad time, bad place experience.
I was hunting around 1AM during weekend, clearing strike towers. Approach by strangers to ask for help, instead I ignore them due to the time isn’t right to help as the two foreigners (my area is rather sub urban so most foreigners prefers to populate this area than city due to police frequently raid residents that resides around city outskirts). Turning deaf on their help request, they nagged at me loudly. Is it a wise choice to do? I decided on my turning deaf due to it is 1AM and there wasn’t people around, only me. They could’ve rob me if they could approach me in close proximity.

Lesson learned : Play safe, avoid past midnight strike towers activity. If your at the last stage of the strike tower, get close, engage into the battle and walk away from the isolated, no body shady area.


Always play safe. I used to bike half an hour before to go to work but ALWAYS take a look at the phone to see where to go and then two hands on the handlebars, cause go out at home half an hour before means to be in the rush hour with lots of cars and also trucks.
Right time to hunt, bad place to hunt :sweat_smile: