Right tournament format

Every arena is a tournament itself.
Players only fight at the highest arena it has unlocked.
Players who break into next arena compete in the higher arena.
Each arena rewards differently depending the arena level.

Will this become a happy tournament for all?

Primary school vs primary school
Professor vs professor


I like this idea, but isn’t that basically what the last tournament was? After the re-set everyone was in their own arena. But then people started losing and going down, which caused a ripple affect in the lower arenas. I was in Aviary at one point but ended up in Jurassic Ruins at the end because of the bottleneck in Lockwood.

I don’t think it would be possible to “lock” someone in a particular arena unless you just reset everyone in each arena to 0 and then let them go at it. But if someone loses a match, would they go negative?

I think the better option would be an opt out button. So people can choose whether or not they want to participate.

I like this idea. I have played other games where there is a ladder system. If you finish in the top certain percentage of your arena, you get you prizes and get promoted to the next one. One you’re promoted to the next one, you will start the next tournament there. Not sure how effectively that could be incorporated into this game, but Ludia should consider a ladder system.

It’s hard to really opt out of something you don’t opt into in the first place. Ludia can also create a separate tournament arena that players have to opt into. However, as is, you will fight the players who are actively participating or just playing to get incubators, and even if you click a button to opt out, I don’t see how your matches will be any different.

I was thinking that you “opt out” and either fight bots for incubators or other people who aren’t actively part of the tournament. You don’t win or lose trophies, but can get incubators for winning. Or something to that effect.

Elder scrolls legends… uses an intresting set up in once youve advance into an arena you cannot drop from it…i dont exactly know how that would translate into this game but from something like sorna on would be kinda interesting to see…

I’d agree if they can stop having arena-exclusive dinosaurs. The whole idea is silly and it screws over everyone. Dropping is absolutely tedious, no one enjoys it. Not being able to get DNA’s you need because you’re above the arena is also pretty lame, especially if you’re close to leveling up. All dinosaurs should be released to the wild, and you probably won’t see many if any drop after that.

I still don’t understand how a tournament is any different than regular battles. You battle the same people that you would normally battle without a tournament.


Every player start with the lowest possible trophy point required in each arena.
Even u lose u can drop to ZERO point but u stay in the same arena u belongs to.
Only TOP 50 or 100, as example of each arena will be rewarded.
In this case, whether u are new player or number one now, u have a fair competition with relatively similar opponents with similar team set up.
No one should be allowed to drop arena, whether in tournament or after.
Exclusive dino which can only be obtained at higher arena stay the same arena, lower level players are encourage and will also want to get up for the exclusive, not getting it and come back down to bully those only has commons.
Just an idea, hope every player has a chance to enjoy in every tournament.

With the first two tournaments id agree… ludia completly changed the ladder before this one and people who were at 10k plus trophies never really affected the lower ladder cause they played mostly bots. This tournament had a much stronger affect on the ladder… i spent most of the tourmament 300 trophies below where i normally am and two days later im back.

My kid whos at 2500 was playing teams that should have been in sorna to the point i was asked to get them some incubators… they been doing just fine since the tournament ended.

Agreed the tournament has improved, but still many are not even knowing or competing.
Just set up tournament in each class and category, and reward each tournament with diff rewards accordingly to the ranking, u will see many more players in the competition.
A player in arena 1 will be overjoyed if the reward is 200 Trex, second place 100 and 3rd 50…and so on…
But u cannot ask school team to play against BRAZIL soccer team, even the goalkeeper becomes a striker will also win the match.

Some people apparently forget how real tournaments usually work. EVERYONE would normally start at zero and fight your way up the brackets. Rewarding people for the bare minimum just sounds ridiculous to me. Normally only the best players would get rewards but now a huge portion of the players get something. I’m not against that and I’m happy that other people are happy with it. But i don’t think they need to reward every person just for participating. Hopefully they’ll just make future tournaments a separate thing so we won’t have to read posts anymore about wanting participation awards. It’s annoying to those of us who work hard to advance in this game. Should someone who plays for an hour a day reap the same benefits as someone who puts in 8+ hours a day? No, i don’t think so.

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Sorry i don’t know if you are referring to my suggestion or the game itself.
I suggest the tournament should be at each arena, not the entire base of players and just break them into two parts.
Treat every arena as a tournament by itself, then we have same class of players competing each other, then is a fairer tournament.

my idea of a fair tournament that is not “money” based… give everyone that opts in, the full dex of level 30 dinos to use. then we shall see who stays up top…

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Sounds like a great proposal, @Pateradactyl!

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That wouldn’t work because when you get to the next arena, people will just whine that they’re at the bottom of that arena and have no chance to win now.

That’s just another idea that gives power to those who don’t play as much as other people. That literally gives lower players an unfair advantage. Makes no sense.

unfair advantage is already a thing.

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I actually don’t agree, the minute u can progress into next arena, means your team is capable of progressing.
The bracket of each arena is 500 points, so there shouldn’t have too many players in the same bracket that will outclass u, and don’t forget those at the higher trophy points may eventually progress into next arena if he/she wanted a even higher prize…

Because people have higher level dinos than you? That’s not their fault. You don’t have to spend money to level dinos if that’s what you’re getting at. I just did a bunch of tapjoy offers that will total around 10k cash when they all pay up. Its just about who’s willing to grind harder.