Right tournament format

Not if it’s the last few days of the tournament. They’ll just hang around the top of their arena and throw matches occasionally to make sure they get a top spot.

No no, maybe u get me wrong.
I am saying each player will only compete at the highest arena he/she has progress into.
So u are competing within that bracket.
This is to allow even lower level players to have a chance to be in every tournament within their own capability.
U cannot expect a team of lvl 10 dinos to compete at the highest, not he/she don’t want, but is impossible, and not they lazy, just they had started no long.

Yes u can, if u are so good in the math calculation to define your trophy points to the last second.

you can have your money/hacking tourney thats fine… my tourney wont include any of that. and it will give new players a taste of what those dinos can do and give them something to work towards.

There is really no reason why they shouldn’t add a thing like grand challenges to the game… the ladder could be left alone… but id go with level 26s same as a friendly battle… it would be a nice break from ladder and be intresting to see how that meta would be different.

I could be wrong, but I think @Calvin_Tan is referring to a separate tournament for each arena.

Put it simple, i am at arena 9, and my tournament is at arena 9 or above.
My arena will have a reward as well based on my arena, not as good as arena 10 but better than 8 and below, of course if i am in the winning bracket in my arena.
So all players regardless of your level will compete, within your capability of team.
Now? Arena 1 compete with arena 4? 5? No match at all.