Rinchicyon resistances makes no sense

Rinchicyon should be immune to speed decrease, reduced damage, and crit reduction. Speed immune comes from Amphicyon and reduced damage and crit reduction come from Rinchenia. Also it’s resistance to swap should get a small buff from 67% to 75% so it has a better chance at escaping. I also changed it’s Fierce Impact to a Fierce Rampage to see what you guys think of it. But really, do you agree with me or not?

Updated note: It will not have Fierce Rampage, it will still have Fierce Impact


I do.
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Oh, I didn’t know

Doesn’t really need a rampage, it already has a good crit chance with an ability that raises it up and one that buffs his attack.


I was thinking about that just now, so the impact stays, but it’s resistances really need to be buffed

yeah indoraptor comes from Indominus Rex which has a lot of resistances yet it has only three resistances

so yeah just because Rinchenia and Amphicyon have those full resistances doesnt mean that it deserves it


Honestly, I think it deserves a little buff. Maybe just in resistances, but I feel it should be a little better as a Legendary for having a continental locked ingredient, which you have to grind ruthlessly for, as I’ve learned leveling it up.


Yes, I agree

But it’s geolocked, so having it to be a good creature will make players want to have it. So in other words, yes, it does deserve the resistances. The Fierce rampage on the other hand, not really

A lot of the time hybrids don’t keep the immunities of their parents, sometimes they get some they didn’t have before. sometimes it doesn’t make sense, take Acrocanthotops, neither of its parents have resistances to taunt but it has a resistance to taunt. It sometimes doesn’t make sense, especially with movesets changing. I don’t think it needs to change at all

Same with indotarus


How many people forget Glyptoceras