Riot over St. Patty’s Day event

This is supposedly the theme for next week. This is one of the worst weeks we’ve EVER HAD, regardless of events. We need to create a big deal out of this and SOON, otherwise nothing will change and we get a week where the epics are both GARBAGE, the only good rare is Argentino, the commons suck, and even the Unique attempt is a bad, easily obtainable Unique.


You gotta be kidding me… the only TWO epics are Baryonyx and Concavenator!!! The two epics that no one wants!!! BOOOOO!!!


Everything will be disappointing after last year. I’m fine with this, but I wish the unique was a little better.


Doesn’t one of the top players in the world use Daryx? I saw it in that game press article.


Yep, DadJokes does.

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Suppose if anything they’re compensating for last year and the crazy rewards they offered.

I guess we’re suppose to go green?

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Well… we had an awesome week last year, but all the feedback Ludia got was negative.

You reap what you sow.
Good week to stay at home.


Argentino is all I need.


Please tell me this is a bad joke. Nobody’s gonna go out for this. Thanks ludia


Maybe if we complain enough they’ll change it, I’m tired of ludia doing what nobody else wants


That’s the point. It’s Ludias public health measure. Give us Dino’s that no one will go after.


Easily accesible by car, we got screwed over hard

Ok “Mr. I have a car” not everyone does. But this is better than last weeks dinos


What the hell is this week. I guess they still don’t know what DNA we need after 2 years
Wait a minute, Ludia, you had to pull the “green looking” dino theme? Seriously? just found that out…
all the dinos have green coloring in them…

It might be the week theme and not the actual day. I dont believe ludia would do us this badly

Nah, it’s the fact that Ludia just does not care and rolls with what they do

Is all of this true?

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There are other green uniques they could’ve used but they had to use daryx

I didn’t say anything about Daryx. I am just disappointed at the fact that even this week is better than next week’s “green color” theme, and how this probably will not change cause ya know how much Ludia cares about changing their events. Unless 1 attempt at tenontorex would unbalance the matchmaking. what if they changed it to tenontorex??? would that unbalance matchmaking??? :stuck_out_tongue: