Rip: Carnivorous Geminititan

So was doing a pop on my boy when I noticed he is no longer a carnivore
So ya RIP to that argument although it makes sense something that big and slow probably would get enough to eat from meat :cut_of_meat:. At least it explains it’s feeding animation

So ya also leave any other lore or description chnages below cause I am bored


What did they change?

It used to say it was a pure carnivore and now it’s an omnivore; just some lore changes showing that things don’t always stay the same

This happened with others like rex gen2 who was a failed indominus Rex experiment

Ah they saw my post.


Throw tomatoes* boo!


I also feel more nerfs to indo gen2 soon since it no longer says it’s a better Indoraptor.

Although I don’t exactly remember the old description; so idk if there was really a change

I don’t remember IndoG2’s info stating that. The patch notes stated it though.


More like ludia changing things since it’s now not a carnivore it probably won’t have that high attack next update

Omnivorous one is better than carnivorous eating plants


The alternative would have been putting a bunch of steaks on the feeder.

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Gemini noms on tomatoes


It’s says it on indom 2 tho

Still not directly mentioning IndoG2.

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True lol (but hey at least it can’t cleanse right that totally solved our problems with it)

Or a bunch of dead dimorphodons

That is true

Made it easier to manage though. Now I can slow it down with Tenonto or Carnotarkus and tenderize it for Spyx if they failed.


I think Ludia change it so they won’t get confused by its eating

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Me spxs is both is prey and predator; if it’s base lvl Indo can just one shot it; but if indo is faster bleed can stick and I can pressure it into not going for MF