Rip gorgo


Im glad im 100 dna from making you 23 :joy: i woulda been sad if i lvld you up again with the nerf coming


Hmm…honestly, my Stegodeus just seldom defeated by Gorgosuchus.:thinking:

First turn
Gorgo use Ferocity Strike > Stegodeus use Slowdown or Superiority

Second turn
Gorgo use Adrenaline Surge > Stegodeus use Superiority

Third turn
Stegodeus use Bypass Rampage, Gorgo dead.


Good no argument anymore Postimetrodon is the better one.


What happened if gorgo DSR on turn two🤔 nevermind that gorgo have no chance now rip


If they “able to” do that in second turn, they could generate 3000+ dmg, and might able to kill Stegodeus.

But at this moment, most Gorgo will choose Adrenaline Surge.
They predict Stegodeus will use Bypass Rampage, but I definitely won’t do that.:joy:
Because their hp is low, if I use Bypass Rampage in second turn, they will directly dead.
This is a dilemma problem, and due to Gorgo doesn’t get immunity, the situation will be easily tend to be favorable for Stegodeus.


they were 50/50 on winning but now gorgo has no chance


Really sucks they sure know how annoy


I’m really gutted. Gorgo was one of my fave tank-crushers, but now it looks like I won’t be able to use him as much.

Was there really a call for Gorgo to get nerfed? As I remember, one person wanted him nerfed, everyone else said he needed a boost…


I think I’ve seldom seem any suggestion like that.
For an epic class, most been complained one must be Stegocera.
And…it got nerfed (a little bit), but overall buffed.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


i actually think they might revert this nerf because most tanks (all the good ones anyway) have a way to slow gorgo then kill it ant tanks are the main problems in the game right now. we say dinos are good or bad based on how well they kill tanks. this also includes tanks! stegod is the best tank because it can even kill tanks with ease. gorgo is a one way tool which it is useless against fast dinos but only has uses against tanks. they might give it the a surge back imo


Had a look, guess it wasn’t for Gorgo after all. Lots of people asking for counters, lots of counter suggestions for it :sweat_smile:

I still hope they’ll reconsider this at some stage. I know a lot of people dislike Adrenaline Surge, but for me personally, it’s won me many victories.


gorgos adrenaline pulse used to make it 50/50 with stegod. turn 1 gorgo uses ferocious and stegod uses thagomizer. turn 2 both have 2 move chances: apr and superiority for stegod and dsr and adrenaline surge for gorgo. stegod goes first. if gorgo uses adrenaline and stegod uses apr, gorgo survives and has priority next turn, killing stegod with dsr. if gorgo uses dsr on turn 2 and stegod uses superiority again gorgo wins. but if stegod uses superiority and gorgo uses adrenalin gorgo loses again since next turn stegod has priority and if they both pick rampages, stegod goes first and kills gorgo.
after this patch gorgo only has 1 role. after your first dino died if opponent is low, you send gorgo and ferocious that dino down and welcome your opponents next dino with dsr killing it or at least hurting immensely(unless evasion rng works against you) and it cant do anything else now


Gj ludia heavy tank meta and u choose to nerf gorgo :smiley: wtf.


he definetely needs a boost. Espically about his speed. what is all about with this NERF ? I think ludia loves herbivores :laughing: i dont really understand what is wrong with these herbivores in this game. Stegodeus, tragoditis, stegoceratops… ? Ok, they are hybrids but i think most of us know how are things going on in Jurassic Park and World. Lets get real guys tyrannosaurus rex is queen of this world but she is just random in this game. Thats really funny How about other super hybrids Indoraptor and Indominus Rex ? Stegodeus can kill both of them. Funny again. Maybe branchiosaurus can crush one velociraptor and kill by mistake otherwise non of these herbivores can kill any carnivores.


Not so sure about the RIP Gorgo.
1st move - Ferocious Impact 1.5x damage.
2nd move - Cleansing Impact 2.25x damage.
3rd move - Rampage 3x damage.


My gorgo 1 hits anything if he crits with ferocious bite up :joy: i only ever use him as a finisher but he now has zero chance vs anything with slow and a big hit now lol


As if she survived 2nd turn…


Well, there’s always Diplotator. Postimetrodon is already on my team, so i just need to work out who’s best to replace Gorgo.


How about this
T2: dead before doing any move


instead of adrenaline after thagomizer, use cleanse then get another move aswell afterwards.