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Rip my epic incubators


This update brought me so much hope because it’s always raining here in Oregon so I can never go after an epic incubator. The worst part is there was always an epic incubator right next to me barely out my reach. Now with the update I can get that incubator, but all of a sudden, not a single epic incubator ever spawns, in fact no incubators spawn in general where I live! I can’t even get those long deserved incubators!!! I have restaurants, a doctors office, and such that always have them, but all of a sudden, pop they are gone.

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If I don’t have a strike event close to me, I’ll just drive to a large parking lot to do it. 🤷


You apparently lack dedication… you let rain stop you? Ive done 7 step towers on the side of a hwy in single digit temps for an incubator.


A fellow Oregonian stopped by rain? I never thought I’d see the day.


Sorry bud I can’t drive, and I don’t got a rain coat because I’m a huge idiot


I can get a license, just don’t have the time to drive around