RIP this game

Calls for help go unanswered. Players can’t play (either while standing still or especially while moving) yet no response from HQ.

The forums used to be a buzz with discussion, tourney talk, etc etc and for the first time that I can remember, there are less than 100 new posts per week. Factor in the parody nerf threads, the community made skin uploads, and memes and there’s really nothing new here except getting to watch the high rollers open incubators. No offense to them, just seems like they’re out of ideas as well.

Clearly there is nothing new in the game to hold anyone’s interest and masses have given up trying to get anything across due to Ludia/JC’s stone walling.

I guess four years is probably a pretty good run for a pocket game that never quite got the polish it deserved. Perhaps we’ll see a sequel, coded from the ground up that will actually run without overheating people’s phones or crash upon loading regularly. Maybe not.

See y’all when they come out with JWA II: The search for more money.