Ripped off in strike event, Incubator vanished after battle!

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Bug Description: Incubator vanished and a pop up appeared stating i had lost the battle but i had won already with last dino.?. Earlier on today when i tried out the * Rajakylosaurus strike event *

Area is was found in: strike zone event >>>>> Rajakylosaurus event strike zone <<<<<<

How do you reproduce the bug:
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How often does it happen:

What type of device are you using: desktop PC running windows 10, 32 gigabytes of ddr5 ram, intel CPU ( I7 / 3.7 gig coffeelake, generation 8 ), internet server from local provider running at 26.8mbps no drop outs / game freezes etc were apparent throughout game play at all.?.

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here) Earlier on today when i tried out the * Rajakylosaurus strike event * i started the battle with these 4 dino’s dienocheirus level 17, suchotator level 9, sarcorixis level 12, & pyroraptor level 13. used both the pyrotator & suchotator to hit rajakylosaurus with wounding impact & lethal wound ( used suchotator as last creature to battle rajakylosaurus which killed it ( i still had 27 health life left at end of battle ) but suddenly i got a pop up that said i had lost battle meaning i did not get the incubator i had battled for in the first place.?.

That’s really strange @JoeVolcano27, and I’m sorry to hear that happened. Sadly, if you’re playing on a computer, it can cause some issues as the game is designed for mobile devices only. Our team won’t be able to provide support on technical issues caused by emulator use as well. However, if you’re having any other problems, contact our team here at with your support key.

my goof … sorry i meant i play the game on my mobile phone ( i play a heap of games and sometimes its hard keeping track of them all, i actually use an samsung 6 running android based mobile V7 ( still waiting for local phone shop to start selling the android V8’s yet ) but still i lost the incubator i had fought so dang hard to get because of the * blink out * that happened even though i won the battle it still said i lost therefore i never received the incubator at all from the Rajakylosaurus strike event tower. all the additional information about the * bug * is posted above. :+1: ggggggggrrrrrrrrrrr :sob::sob::sob:

Could you provide that information to our team? They would be happy to take a look and see what might have happened once they get a chance to review your ticket.