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Ripped off in strike tower event i won but lost?

Today i tried the new epic strike tower ** wounding strike ** challenge
pop up message says lost when i had actually won!!

I clearly won against the 3 dinosaurs from the tower ( LV26 spinosaur gen 2, LV27 darwinopterus and a LV28 suchotator ) my team was a LV20 indominus rex, LV18 tryostronix, LV18 utasinoraptor and a LV16 smilocephalosaurus.
I won against all 3 dinosaurs the tower had but suddenly at the end up pops a message that said i had lost the challenge ( see attached picture for reference ) my last dinosaur was the LV18 utasinoraptor which still had 28Hp left at the end of the last battle indicating i was clearly the winner not the loser as the pop up stated !.
I respectfully request that the incubator reward offered by defeating the strike tower be given to me please after battling so hard to defeat this tower only to be told that i had lost was not fair in any way, shape or form for any reason!.
( P.S. ) my LUDIA member number ID code / key can be provided if requested.?.
kind regards JoeVolcano27

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I’m sorry that happened, @JoeVolcano27. Could you try restarting your game and see if you’re able to receive the rewards? If you’re still having issues after restarting, please reach out to our support team here at with your support key and those screenshots so our team can try to make this right for you.

You should protect your player ID and not post it in a public forum. You may want to edit or remove the picture in your post.

Your Utahsinoraptor wasn’t bleeding when you killed the last strike dinosaur? If a strike tower battle ends in a draw you are still defeated (always felt if it ended in a Draw it should show draw and not cost the player one of their attempts).


Hello Ned
sorry no such luck even after restarting my game more than 5 times there was still no sign of the incubator from the strike tower i should have won but * apparently LOST.?. somehow ??

Oh and James_Simmons
I had a * boosted utasinoraptor * lol that’s probably why it survived as long as it did against the strike tower but it still does not take from the fact that i had won but then i got nerfed by that sneaky DracoRAT who stole my prize and scarpered back into his hidey hole with my rewards ! dang nab it ! lol :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

regards JoeVolcano27

I’m sorry that didn’t work. If you contact our support team, they would be happy to take a closer look at your account to see what might have happened.

Okay. I was just asking about the bleed because all 3 dinosaurs in the strike tower have 3 turn bleed attacks. If any of the previous 3 attacks that hit your Utahsinoraptor were bleed attacks you would have still been bleeding after killing the last dinosaur.

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I think he got a draw too.

Do you remember the last 3 turn of the battle? @JoeVolcano27

If the Utasino was bleeding, after the last attack the 28HP would be lost, then it should be a draw. A draw is considered a loss in strike towers.

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if that is the case * a draw * then that has to suck big time…
but then again i fail to see how even a draw could be considered a loss?? if a game is drawn then it should be considered a draw regardless of the situation to call a draw a loss is not only unfair to the player concerned but most players in general… true ??? :roll_eyes: :astonished: :roll_eyes:

Yeah there’s no bug here as a draw is always considered a non-win.

However, the issue is that when you go in to battle, the game usually says “be the first to kill 3 dinosaurs”. Well, technically you did kill 3 dinos first, so the game technically should count it as a win.

But this is Ludia, so who are we to think otherwise.

I think the point is that you have to BEAT the dinos. A draw means you beat them, they also beat you.

Their ‘first’ means after the last turn, whose dinos are left alive. It is turn based, not time based.

I get what you mean, but the description says nothing about turn based. Nothing anywhere states that’s what it means. technically you beat the opponent first then your last dino dies after you still beat their dinos first even in the same turn. Not saying you’re wrong, just looking at it from the other side. I understand how it works so I accept that, but it has confused many people in situations like this. But the wording on the game battle loading screens are often poorly written.

A draw is not a loss… but it also is not a win :pensive:

I agree with you that the wordings are misleading. On the other hand, think about bleeder users. If it is not turn based, bleeder users are at a disadvantageous situation as HP is deducted after a turn ends and DoT is also a kind of legit strategy. So I think it is also fine if it is in turn based.