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I have question
What is different between Gold pack and Classic pack ?


Hey @Lukas_Beca,

The Gold Pack offers more Runes and a higher probability of obtaining a Premium Dragon. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Could you please give a little more detail about this issue?

While I am only making this statement on the Gold packs I have purchased… I don’t agree with this statement in the slightest!

Today I purchased a Classic Pack and a Gold Pack( exact same thing has happened on at least 3+ occasions)- Classic Pack: 500+ Runes vs. Gold Pack: 65 Runes( less than 100 on Hold each time.
Any insight would be very helpful. Thanks


@KingMaximud of course!

A Gold Pack generally offers more Runes, higher probability of obtaining a Premium Dragon, more Iron and rarer collectible items compared to a Classic Pack. This varies from pack to pack and is randomize.

Now, in your case, you might have obtained lesser Runes from your Gold Pack but you have obtained a rarer Dragon, an higher amount of Iron or rare collectibles.


Cases( numerous times). I actually have frequently received better collectibles, better dragons, and more Runes on almost every occasion( I am referring to the times where I have purchased the Classic and Gold packs in succession…