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Rise of berk - Bright Might


Hello, I have some problems getting through the bright might gountlet. I am currently at 75%, but I can’t finish it. My dragons are at level 8 or 9, and it is impossible for me to pass even wave 2, and whenever I get to wave 3 i die instantly. I just used up 9 sage fruits to win this, but I still died before wave 3. I am hopeless now, and I tried for too long, I think it is way too hard to complete. And the fruits cost too much to win it with them.
What should I do?

these are my dragons, and I don’t know witch to use to win this round


I’m in the same rut, this level is ABSOLUTELY too hard and it doesn’t help that brawls are already grossly stacked against the player. Enemies are always stronger and generate twice as many action points, and very VERY rarely do your dragons dodge attacks, while enemies dodge at twice your rate. Turn orders sometimes skip around despite what the display says, which can cost you a match. The only reason I can make ANY headway is with that anti-dodge statue. I don’t want to go full-bore and waste ALL the items I’ve managed to accumulate with two more hard battles still to go, and I’ve wasted a lot already. This Gauntlet was very poorly planned, like that level that had dragons something like 6-8 levels higher for no reason quite early in the run.


I used at least 6 sage fruits and 6 boosters for the last wave and I finally finished the event…
As help:
You should use one or maybe two healing dragons, that is nesseccary because otherwise your dragons die to early.
Hope that helps you a bit.

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