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Rise of Berk Discord

Hi folks, I am one of the admins of the subreddit r/riseofberk over on Reddit.

We have recently set up a Discord -

Would love if someone of you joined us there, and shared any thoughts on how to improve the Discord!


Discord and subreddit are great. Lots of good info there


Love the reddit. Please don’t laugh, but could you explain what a discord is? As a 48 yo this particular bit of technology appears to have passed me by!

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A Discord is like a chat room essentially. It’s quite a popular service with gamers as you can chat whilst gaming in a lot of instances. When I was given admin bits to do on the subreddit I decided we needed a Discord. Handy to chat with others about the game in real time or ask a query and then come back and check later.

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@PkmnTrainerJ, is it for this game? I am going to come join. I believe that(except rooted/bots) I’ve progressed farther than any other player so I could probably get a lot of helpful information and try to provide something helpful to the discussion.Thanks for the information.

Indeed it is @KingMaximud Happy to have you join!

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