Rising Phoenix is looking for recruits

Hey fellow dino lovers. Looking for some new active battle loving dart happy players for our alliance. We have spaces available and we are ready for the new update as well. What we can offer is:

*2-3 level 20 shared co-op sanctuaries
*2 side sancs one for raid specific dino and another for achievements
*raid happy and friendly group of people
*multiple time zones so someone is always around
*lots of donations
*10/8 sometimes 9 on rewards
*always tier 8 on tourney 9 on 5 week tourney

What we require is:

  • discord only alliance
  • daily missions and DBI done everyday
  • sanctuary rules to be followed or immediate kicking can and will be enforced upon the circumstances
  • tournament 10 defeats is a must
  • have fun dont make it a job

If you wish to join us or inquire any information please contact me via Direct message on fb or my discord is @bigwill86 #6707

If interested please message me