Rising Phoenix seeking 2 members

Rising Phoenix is looking for two members! We get rank 10 on explore and 8/9 on defense weekly. Tier 8/9 in tournaments. We have 2-3 level 20 sancs. We beat all raids within our alliance, including the Apex. We use Facebook messenger as our main chats and to coordinate raids, and also have discord. (Chats are not required but are recommended).
Our rules are simple- get ten takedowns for the tournament, don’t place dinos in the sancs, and let us know if you’ll be out. We are very understanding as long as there is communication. Send me a direct message if interested or you have any questions!

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I sent you a alliance joining request named- Imperious of lvl 18, kindly accept it.

We are currently full. I will update if we get a space open. Thank you all for your interest!