Rising player looking for an active alliance!


Been playing JWA for about 3 weeks now, and loving it.

I’m active 2-3 hours a day, and therefore contributing a lot. Therefore I’d like to be around people with the same activity level.

4/4 or 5/5 alliance.

I’m currently level 11 and 1900 in arena (rising fast). Getting 21 DNA pr. dart.

Feel free to hit me up :-).

Oh and I’m Danish, 30 years old.

Hi I am a returning player. Played a year ago and just started again 3 weeks ago I started a new alliance for active players, that’s the only rule is that your active. If your still looking join us it’s called DinoStatic

Three weeks, yes, this shows dedication. JWA Suriname would like to welcome you. We are strategic, flexible and friendly. 5/4. We have members all over the world and also in Denmark.
Joining our messenger group is mandatory.
We give rewards to top contributors on difficult and/or crucial missions: full bar on any request.
Send me a PM with username and suffix (#0000) if you’re interested, we’ll have a spot opening up.

BoneRaptors 5/4 has also a free spot for you. We don’t have Danish members.
Feel free to give me your ingame name.
Oh yes joining our discord is a requirement

I’m curious how u reward the top contributor? You say full bar on any request but what if no one donates?

We haven’t had a problem with that.

I just started my own alliance looking to recruit active players after trying several groups only to find that a handful play daily. Check it out if you would like. Raptor hero