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Rising Tide - official JW youtube animation

This went up yesterday on the official JW youtube channel, and it’s only part 1. A new linking medium between Fallen Kingdom and JW3 just as with Battle at Big Rock.


Pretty neat. Thanks for sharing. I’m enjoying how they’re doing these fill the gap spots.

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It is nice to see the “Jurassic World” evolving before we get to see what happens next year.

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Part 2 is up.


Thanks! Going to check this out once I get home.

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I think they’re pretty bad, the cartoon style with everything wobbling but no mouth movement is just weird.
A pteranodon flying as high and fast as an airplane? Really?
It’s nice to see some extra story here and there as fillers towards the new movie, but it gets more and more unrealistic every second.

They are basic but it’s nice to have a little extra. There are a few comments on the actual video about the supersonic pteanodon.


Wow that one is bad! Like no one saw the T-rex on the way to or get in the zoo?! More vicious Pteranodons!

You really would think someone would have noticed.

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Pretty awesome. That’s cool how it follows up with the end of JWFK with the Rex roaring at the lion.


Well that sucks. It says the end and we are left on a cliff hanger. Normally it says to be continued.

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I noticed that. Hopefully they will do some more

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