Rivals that I do not understand:

I’m at level 16 and I’m facing a level 13 … it seems easy but …

I have not got any Unic dinosaurs yet … and he has 3 !!!

When I was at level 13 I was beginning to merge my first legendary (stegodeus, indominus, tragodistis) …

I can understand that with level 13 he has managed to merge Indoraptor, the first unic achievable … although it is not easy.

But get a Utarinex? At level 16 I have not even managed to merge Utasinoraptor and he has achieved it … he has evolved from 16 to 20 … and he has left to merge Utarinex !! and above has gotten enough Dracorex to do it … with level 13 !!!

Finally he has managed to have a Diorajasaour which implies, in addition to getting to take 20 rajakilosauro, get a mountain of tuojingosauro, for me the “rare” harder to get even now appear more …

The funny thing is that the rest of the team is weak (but I have faced the 3 unic and the indomunis of 20). Almost everyone has stegodeus very high (I 25) and he has it in 17. That is, he gets three unic and, instead, his Stegodeus is 17 … as the title of the message says, I do not understand.


Maybe he just bought incubators so he doesn’t have grind much dna to level up stegodeo but he found enough dna in the incubators to create the uniques? :thinking:


Yea, don’t pay too much attention to player levels as Sara says…

You can get high “player level” players (like moi) who have simply evolved everything and anything and been playing since the start but are not actually proportionally advanced (I am level 19 yet only Unique is Indoraptor which I just got last week) OR like you say, a low-player-level player who has fused/upgraded very very wisely and/or paid shoot loads for incubators…


This amount of luck equals my Monomimus evading every attack for the rest of the year… not so much :joy:

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It is that I am one of those who only evolve those dinos who believe useful leaving the rest in the first evolutions. At this time, if I had enough coins, I could evolve 78 creatures (suchotator from 10 to 20 approximately, charlie from 9 to 17, allosauro from 10 to 21, etc) reaching level 20 and despite that, I would only have one unic, the Indoraptor that I managed to merge yesterday. If he had been “perfect” in the tactics of not evolving anything “useless”, that is to say, leaving allosauro in level 1, charlie in level 6 and not even having fused suchotaror, possibly he would be in level 15, maybe 14.