Rixes should be tyrant

This is my Sarcorixes, so far shes killed a 28 ardento a 30 thor same round np. Next round survived a cloak erlindom rampage only to kill it. She has also killed deilocherus and Utiranex since they cannot escape and has killed tryko, and Gryposuchus same level.Fun fact rixes is 3rd fastest tank in the game tied with gemini second hatdest hitter without critical strike gemini takes the tital at 1400 attack but with critical strike rixes hits so much harder.


Well you see, your rixis is max boosted. That doesn’t mean those opponents had all maxxed boosts too. But nice rixis there.


True shes a sleeper but has killed a max boosted erlindom, she survived the cloaked rampage with only 26 hp left the reason why is erlindoms ramage doesnt peirce armor like indom and the erlindom died it was a close fight though.The erlindom was maxxed on speed and attack but not hp still had 3k hp.Critical strike killed it and i won with 26 hp left lol.

Its a great Dino and its cool but tyrant? I don’t think so. I mean it has its moments in the pool but essentially it can’t keep up with tyrants.

I think its cool and your rixis is a tyrant with its boosts. But if you put some of the tyrants against it with having that many boosts. It won’t stand. Erlidom is weak on a lot of armor dinos even carbonemys.

On equal level and capability its not as good as those dinos. The same as usual too much full immunity.


Thor is also tyrant when overboosted


It keeps up with many tyrants and kills em, magna however kills it fast.

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Man , I love all your posts I have seen so far,budget builds that are powerful upgraded heavily with very high boosts

Honestly,it is pretty amazing,but even Apex high is pretty high for it considering its moves,it should be nerfed,and so should yoshi for being OP as epics,it is ok for Indominus Rex Gen 2 because it was built to be that way,it was even mentioned in the Patch notes that it has lower rarity but better moves than the higher counterparts.

You need to Nerf Rixis? Wow!

I am speaking as an epic,even Procerathomimus needs a nerf,I use my level 14 procerathomimus and took down a Monomimus,Spinotahraptor and Pyroraptor.

Rixis does not need a nerf. It has plenty of counters. I use a mega boosted one myself and although it can kill uniques, it can be killed easily too. The problem seems to be that people think unless a dino is a unique then it should be weak… correct me if Im wrong but nowhere does it say that a unique is the strongest against every other dino. They have more moves and generally more power than lower rarities which is the major point of collecting them and they are generally stronger. However every indignant post about how a rare or epic shouldnt be able to kill a unique? Why not? If that was the case then I for one would be bored very quickly… its bad enough that every team I face is nearly identical as it is… leave some room for variety and stop calling for nerfs because you get beaten by a particular dino :man_shrugging:

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Well,that is he problem,Uniques are tougher to obtain and hence should be stronger,it does not make sense for rixis and Yoshi to be so strong,neither Indom Gen 2 .

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You forget one thing, it’s not just an Epic, it’s also a Super Hybrid. It should be strong. Rixis doesn’t need a Nerf.

All Uniques are super hybrids as well.

Yes . And they are strong.

Yes,but unique superhybrids are much more difficult to get than a epic super hybrid,so it does not make any sense at this point.

But the game is actually geared in favour of obtaining uniques more than other rarities… I use alot of different dinos and they are harder to level because of the increased amount of dna required therefore taking much longer than uniques to obtain. Events are biased towards uniques being obtained too… and again… why? Why shouldnt a rare be able to kill a unique… just look at the marsupial lion… can kill anything in 2 hits buts people arent crying about a nerf to that… I like the variety. Otherwise why even bother with the other 100+ dinos?

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Great topic, @Jerald, I love Sarcorixis!
She could use a buff now :grin:
She has already been nerfed, in my opinion. She used to cause 1x damage during her immobilize move.


Probably cause it can get killed about just as fast.

Let the immobilize deal damage but reduce the speed to 104

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