Rixes should be tyrant

Yeah… if you dont know how to use it lol

Letting the immobilize deal damage and reducing the speed to about 104 is going to be more than enough

I like the idea to deal damage and reduce opponent’s speed.

A marsupial with 8k health and speed boosts is formidable. But anyway, just check out Batman and his profile of 4 commons if you are offended by non uniques kicking up a storm in the arena


Seriously,letting a chomper be so fast is not right,increase the Crit chance and Let Immobilize deal damage,but the speed is meant to be a weakness of chompers.

A Marsupial Lion does not have no escape , and that is what balances it out for a rare.

Reducing speed from 118 to 104? I beginning to think you have some kind of Grudge against Rixis.

Actually yes,it feels annoying with a chomper being able to be fast,Thoradolosaur is a chomper with 109 speed,and does not have no escape so that is what makes it feel fine to memaybe let the speed of rixis be somewhere around 112?

It’s not a chomper. At least Rixis doesn’t have any wounding move. What will you say when that happens?

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Buffing the Crit and Letting immobilize deal damage is fine in exchange for a speed of 112 .

But a chomper is basically a high damage dealer , which what it is.

Well,a swoop would be a worthy wounding move for sarcorixis.

Definitely some hostility towards the croc here lol. Im guessing you loose alot to rixis… anything that cloaks/dodges or is immune can beat it without much issue.

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According to your logic, Procemimus is a chomper. Gemini is a chomper. Any creature with high damage is a chomper.

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Procerathomimus does not have substantial health to be one,it relies a lot on dodge and distraction,so nope. A creature with high health,high damage is a chomper

Although if you are a Thor lover then Rixis will be your nemisis lol. Its why its on my team :smiling_imp: Noyhing finer than taking out a turbo thor eith my paltry epic croc :+1:t2:


I am thinking about Lethal Wound just like it’s parent. With No Escape, it will be a true monster. But Immobilize has some use. I will not encourage changing it’s kit.

Probably cause I feel annoyed with it,just look at the fact that it is a rare man,I have defeated a T-Rex 15 using my own level 12,so it feels pretty OP.

Sarcorixis should become a chomper! I always firgured crocs “chomp” anyways. And then we can rework her kit and make her tyrant! I’m getting excited!


Einiasuchus used to be as awsome as rixes, she got nerfed like all ceratopsians rixes remained un nerfed with the same stats.

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