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RNG Christmas Chests Need A Serious Balance Fix

So the RNG Christmas chests are out again. I hope you’ve been lucky with your RNG when opening them.
I haven’t. 5 days in a row, worst prize possible. 625 coin, 2 boosts, and a tiny handful of DNA in each of them. Apart from the HC chests which all gave 25.
In the mean time people are posting how they’ve pulled epic incubators, even premium. Gotten tons of Hard Cash or tons of boosts.

Ludia, please reconsider the way you decide to have a “jolly” Christmas event by making it an equal pull across the board.
By equal I mean, every single chest contains the same amount of resources but distributed differently.

If you don’t get a lot of coin, then you get a lot of HC and vice versa.
If you don’t get a lot of common DNA then you get more rare/epic and vice versa.
Give the same amount of boosts but if you get 2 of one type, then you get 3 of another. The most I got was 5 with the 25 HC mentioned above.

There should be zero “worst” pulls. Especially when you don’t have a “pity” timer, the more crap you open, the better your next prize will be.
You should never give a player the feeling of wasting their time.