RNG Gods strike again


Rank start 92.
Rank now 298.

Evasions success: 2/ 26
Crits done: 0/??
Stun success: 3/ 24

Love it!!!


Sounds familiar :rofl:


Stopping at rank 326… head is spinning from these amazing mechanics. Wooohoo


Are you cucubelu in game?

GG man.


I remember u don’t use Stegodeus. Hold on, man. You are the hope for #nostegodeusinteam.


Do u have a monomimus? It’s basically a RNG counter having a bit RNG itself.


Neah just been on a roll of unlucky streak tonight when it came to evading, stunning and critting. Was down to 90 at one point earlier before my streak of horror started. I hope those pesky RNG gods bless me tomorrow.


Yes I am. GG