Rng good or needs fixing?

So I have a little rant. Rng in this game sucks imo. Rant over.

But for real I get rng and percentage are not wholly accurate (50% doesn’t mean works every other just higher chance) but some of it is getting ridiculous.
If a minomimus can dodge every hit 8 times in a row something’s going on.
Another example is I love indo rex and raptor and I get evasive isn’t 50% dodge ie miss every other but how can a Dino hit every time with crit at 5% at a 90% rate? I feel like some of the rng is a bit off. Also match making is bizarre at lvl 15 in arena 4000+ I’m facing lvl 28 stegodeus and 25+ super hybrids and not sure I’m teally that high.

Solution to rng if possible is making things cumalative if possible? You miss against 50% first time your chance goes up to 75% or something during your match and resets after so it’s not feeling like a hacker when you can’t land a hit and they plow through you like you’re lvl 1 again?

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