RNG Hell

I found myself wondering on the umpteenth time that I got 3 starred by an indoraptor because it dodged every move I threw at it what 50% dodge chance really was. I tracked the next 50 attacks I threw at one just to find out as well as my own indoraptor dodge. 37 out of the 50 attacks missed while I was attacking and while I only got to use my indoraptor a fraction of the time I was able to track 12 out of 19 hits on myself while dodging. Now I know “it all balances in the end” with maybe my stun attacks stunning more often or getting more crits than 40% of the time with my thoradolosaur, the frustration of completely missing over and over again can be a bit much. Never mind the non battle fusing RNG, spinning 10 after 10 after 10 on that unique you’ve been working on forever.
There is a point in a game where skill no longer takes precedence and it’s just a game of chance where lady luck shakes her gnarled finger at you at every moment when RNG is the crutch that holds everything up. Eventually Ludia, it’s going to get kicked out from underneath you if you dont tone it down.
Anyone else have a RNG nightmare playing JWA? Or is it just my imagination that it goes on random spiteful rampages?

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