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I was playing a friendly battle yesterday (thanks @mizz_wrecks) where I thought I was about to pull off one of the most beautiful moves ever performed in my entire tenure of this game.

I had wounded her dino and it was sure to bleed out after it’s next action, but being a faster dino it would still get in that one last hit before death. I had added a few new guys to my team to try out, one of which was pachycephalosaurus. I swapped it in the utilize it’s Stun SIA, so that the wounded dino would be helpless to just bleed out. But if you read carefully, I said I thought I was about to pull off this move… The stun failed, and pachy got one-shot by a critical hit.

Talk about taking the wind out of my sails.

Is swap in stun the only RNG dependent SIA? I get that other stun moves have a 75% chance, but I feel like having a SIA that can fail is pretty weak. What if other SIAs had a 75% chance? Dracocera wouldn’t be so scary then, would it? I don’t want to make this another thread about the teletubby, but just the most obvious choice for a comparison.

Swap in stun is already fairly useless, especially is the opponent is faster. What would make it a more valuable tool would be to make it an Acute Stun (100% chance). Not the most pressing issue in the game right now, but who’s with me?


You have a valid point; I think Dracocera had that SIA previously which made it the waste of space it was


YES. I LOVE MY EDMONTOSAURUS. Sadly it is very horrible. It would be a lot weirder to play.


I agree. SIA stun should stun. All other SIA moves are guaranteed. Why not this one?


Truth to this. It should not be a maybe especially since it does no damage. And only rarely does anything but avoid your Dino being hit on swap in


Same thing happened to me with pachy. But instead of that monostegotops dying bleeding she got the opportunity to stun my pachy with her last dying breath.

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It’s sad. I love pachy. I have ever since The Lost Word. I like the move set it was given, and I love it’s animations. How can you not fall in love with that cute little hop?


(and other SIA stunners, I suppose)

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Agreed. And add this to stiggy.


Yeah, if it was a stunning strike, I’d be more ok with the 75% chance. Then it’s not a complete waste.


It is such a cutie pie


It’s not a complete waste just so sporadic that it is not worth planning any thing on


agreed. the whole point is to predict a draco and if you are right you should be rewarded.
the rampage is RNG too… have taken many critted SIA rampages :raised_hand: higher levels do like 3500+ damage iirc :joy: :sob:


Critical swap-in is a whole other incubator of diplocaulus…


Make it swap in stunning rampage :roll_eyes:


Hey, none of that in my thread.


Swap in stun should be an acute stun… 0 damage for 100% stun rate… every other swap in has a 100% success rate… could you imagine alanky failing to power up its shields. Now that acute stun is in the game there is no reason why swap in stuns need to be rng based.


This yes please


My point exactly.





I’ll get the little skip it does in battle later.

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The distraction and slow SIA aren’t 100%