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RNG in Skill Tournaments

Is annoying. It’s frustrating.

The team selection RNG definitely forces the player to make the most of what they have, and there’s an element of skill to that, but I fail to see how the failed stuns, obnoxious consecutive crits and failed dodges add anything to skill tournaments.

I know there’s a reason behind the RNG being there—it isn’t just confined to this game after all—but maybe it would be for the best if we eliminated the random element from skill tournaments, so that what really matters—the player’s skills—have more weight.

So for instance, all stun chances would be 100%, all dodge chances would be 100%, and all critical chances would be 0%. The critical chance after using Prowl, Deliberate Prowl or Ready to Crush would be 100%.

I can see one immediate issue with this idea, being that it would be an indirect nerf to creatures like Thor, with high critical chances. So perhaps for skill tournaments exclusively, all creatures could have their attack stats buffed in proportion to their critical hit chance.

Anyway, what do y’all think?


I certainly agree, RNG is annoying, I can’t handle it. This is exactly why I can never reach #1 in any tourney (though I guess you can count on 2 of them when I reached second). It’s called a SKILL tourney for a reason, what are these tourneys actually are? RNG tourneys.

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Critical hits should be either no less than 30, or redone entiely.

All stuns should just be 100%.

Team selection can stay randomized, but have a balanced selection of creatures. I shouldn’t be cringing at the team I rolled on the off chance my opponent has an Entelomoth and my team is worthless against it.

Dodge…its high risk high reward. It could be 100% as long as multi turn dodge moves are adjusted, like ES.

Speedties are the one thing I’ll accept being decided by a complete dice roll, or redone entirely.

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Crit hits I can agree with.
Stuns I can agree with.
Team selection I don’t think should be randomized, I think they should just let us choose 4 creatures, after all, it would be devastating to get Dimorphodon, Suchomimus, Tarbosaurus and Allosaurus and your opponent draws Entelomoth, IndoG2, Pho and Ardont.
Dodge, ok, the only moves that are ok to give a 100% chance to dodge are Deliberate and Regular Prowl and Sidestep.
The current speedtie system isn’t very fair, after all, some people live in Asia and they will never win a speedtie since they live far, but speedties shouldn’t be determined by RNG either, I agree with your former solution to speedties as turning it into a mini-game would be more fair for everyone who lives anywhere.

Until someone comes up with a better solution, I think this should be the placeholder. It’s perfectly fair.

Maybe the team strength numbers, like in the regular arena can be calculated for each team, and if you beat a team with a higher strength, you get bonus medals. That would help it a bit. If the strength is calculated based on stats, that would give bleeders like Dimorphodon the edge.

Like I said, I know if speedties are determined by RNG it’s a 50 50 shot, but sometimes, this mechanic can misbehave and be devastating because sometimes in some battles RNG will hate on you and will let your opponent win the speedtie all the time. I like the idea of that if your going underdog style in skill tourneys you will win more medals, however, not much people would want to go underdog style, even though you will be gifted with more points, there is a very slim chance that a common can win against a legendary.

I was thinking we could calculate the averages based on crit chances.

So for Thor, it has a 2 in 5 chance of landing a crit, so it’s average base damage becomes [(1680×3)+2(1680×1.25)]÷5=1848.

It works for counter-attackers and rending abilities too.

But I think the crits from crit-buffing moves should become 100%.

Adjusted how? I think simply changing it to 100% could work fine. The alternative would be to reduce the damage reduction based on averages.
If you run the numbers, the damage reduction comes to approximately 50%. That would be… interesting.

For speedties, it could be the first time as RNG, but then the person who went second goes first now, and so on

Problem with team selection is that then you basically only need a team of 4. There’s no point in leveling and boosting 8 dinos then.

I agree my luck with RNG is like me standing under a ladder or a black cat crossed my path. Nothing but bad luck.

Eh, I don’t feel like it’s fair that way either, after all, sometimes it doesn’t even matter about who goes first on the first speedtie, think about Allo G2 V Allo G2, or Mammotherium V Mammotherium, the one who wins the second speedtie wins, so sometimes if speedties are going your way, the person who won the speedtie first will automatically loose the match, knowing there is nothing they can do to win that second speedtie.

It was a suggestion. But I do agree we need something new and different. I want something strategic based

Well, how many creatures do you need to do a battle? 4. Just don’t level up 8 dinos then unless if those other 4 will be different rarities for other advantage tourneys.

We could go Bobbymcfeen’s way and turn it into a mini-game, that way it will be both on strategy and skill.

I think the rng aspect is fine… but the frustration comes from the weird non-sensical trophy rewards.
Lose a match, lose 40 cups… win a match, win 20 cups…
The moment you hit a streak, like it’s currently happening to me… you are done for.
I’m currently sitting 120 cups behind my streak, not because of my lack of skill, but because of bad rng that gets even worse when I just can’t make my cups back.

I think Ludia should release a statement on how trophies gained and lost are determined


Skill tourneys should just be same number, win 20, loose 20, win 30, loose 30, and so on.
Advantage tourneys however, shouldn’t go this way. You have regular leveled creatures and your faced with someone with level 30 non-hybrids, you loose 20, they gain 20, you have level 30 non hybrids and you loose to creatures that are level 15, you loose 40, they gain 40, simple as using a calculator.

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Honestly, that wouldn’t work, and not just because of crit… A 100% dodge chance in moves would make dodge users too OP… same for stuns… Not only Thor and other chompers would be nerfed, but also any creature that doesn’t have those resources… Something like that would require a much more profound change in the whole mechanics.

As frustrating as it is, RNG is part of games like this. There no escaping it. But as I’ve said many times before, I’m totally against too much of it. I would be in favor of other changes… Like, Evasion Stance shouldn’t be a thing… Higher crit chance shouldn’t depend on creature, but on move used (like in PKM). Things like that.

Yeah, it is what makes players who are equally matched win or lose. Even in regular competitions like football, bits of RNG are everywhere. So there is never any escape

Terrible ideas. RNG is not that bad. Yes it can swing a match, but ultimately there will be RNG somewhere in the game (i.e. random dinos?). The RNG should swing in your favour as often as not so I don’t really see the issue.