RNGod was really in his good mood today :)

From where I’m wandering around Lockwood Estate, I just have the first time facing 2 dinosaurs that Level above 28+ (not counting Strike tower which I can choose my best one)

Einia 29
Stegod 30
Tryos 22
(He didn’t use 4th)

My team
Indorex 26
Tryos 23
Magna 22
Elridomi 21

i sent out Indorex and he sent Einia

Indorex>> cloak>> got hit once lost 3000ish hp>> rampage to kill Einia (blessed by RNGod)

Enter Stegod>> let indorex killed to send out tryos >> RTC >> got hit by APR >> Critical hit with DSR heavily damage Stegod (Thanks! RNG)>> Stegod used shield and killed tryos

Send out Erlidomi and cloak >> stegod failed at APR (Thank Again!) and got hit with CriticalRampage (Thanks more!)

So now we were 2-2 and then I managed to kill his Tryos with Erlido and Magna.

Whew, for this match, I’d never win if RNGod wasn’t in his good mood and gave me a lot of his bless 4 times—

Opponent team of aggressive tanks